Top 5 Medical Colleges in Punjab

Top 5 Medical Colleges in Punjab – After completing your 12th class in the medical stream, you want to choose the best medical college for you. Today we have hundreds of medical colleges nationally and internationally. So it becomes difficult for us to choose the best of them. We have to choose medical college patiently because our whole future depends on it. After school, college helps us explore our basic knowledge. Here is given the list of Top 5 Medical Colleges in Punjab.

Here are the best Top 5 Medical Colleges in Punjab

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1st out of Top 5 Medical Colleges in Punjab

Dayanand Medical College & Hospital (DMCH) Ludhiana, Punjab

Dayanand Medical College and Hospital (DMCH) is a tertiary teaching hospital with 1326 beds (800 teaching beds) in Northern India, Punjab, India. The institute has an impressive complex of modern buildings and is equipped with all kinds of modern facilities for better patient care and training of undergraduate and postgraduate students. All clinical departments, along with diagnostic laboratories, provide 24-hour service on campus.

Inspired by a dedicated personality, Dr Banarasi Das Soni, former IMS captain with a missionary passion for medical education and patient care, envisioned the noble idea of ​​providing much needed medical care to the general public. It flourished as Arya Medical School in 1934, started in a rented building in Civil Lines Ludhiana.

Contact Details of Dayanand Medical College & Hospital (DMCH) Ludhiana, Punjab

Address: Civil Lines, Tagore Nagar, Ludhiana, Punjab, India 141001

College Phone Number: 0161 468 8800

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2nd out of Top 5 Medical Colleges in Punjab

Baba Farid University of Health Sciences

Baba Farid University of Health Sciences was established in July 1998 under an Act passed by the Punjab State Legislative Assembly. Information between the various faculties of the University and between this University and other Universities of Health Sciences in the country and abroad, which opens a window to the world for health professionals, health planners, health administrators, biomedical and social scientists and health science teachers.

Contact Details of Baba Farid University of Health Sciences

Address: Sadiq Road, Society Nagar, Faridkot, Punjab, India 151203

College Phone Number: 0163 925 7884

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3rd out of Top 5 Medical Colleges in Punjab

Adesh University, Bathinda

Adesh University, Bathinda, Leading Academic and Research Efforts of Aadesh Fa Foundation in the field of Health Care, Medical and Technical Education, Act No. in the State of Punjab in July 2012. Notified under Gazette (Extraordinary) of Punjab Government on July 10, 2012, under Punjab Private Universities Policy 2010 6. Under the Punjab Government’s 2012 Societies Registration Act XXI, 1860, a developed area of ​​South Punjab, Mr In Muktsar Sahib, with the aims and objectives of service to humanity in the field of health care as well as medical, paramedical and technical education.

The Adesh Foundation started its journey in the field of professional education and healthcare in 1996 with the establishment of the Adesh Institute of Engineering and Technology, Faridkot, to provide various undergraduate and postgraduate level programs in the field of technical education. Can be done. The Fa Foundation established its second-degree institute in the year 2002 under the name of Bhai Mahan Singh College of Engineering, Muktsar in the holy memory of the martyrs of Sri Muktsar Sahib.

Contact Details of Adesh University, Bathinda

Address: VPO Bhucho Kalan, Tehsil Nathana, Barnala Road, Bathinda, 151101, Punjab, India

College Phone Number: 0164-5055000

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4th out of Top 5 Medical Colleges in Punjab

Government Medical College and Hospital, Chandigarh

The Government Medical College and Hospital, Chandigarh was established in the year 1991 and the foundation stone was laid by the former Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Mr Chandra Shekhar. The organization is also known as GMCH. The institute was given temporary recognition by the Panjab University in 1991 and later in 1999 it got permanent recognition. Sh. The first academic session of GMCH was inaugurated in 1991 by the then Advisor to the Administrator, Baleshwar Rai, Chandigarh. Government Medical Colleges and Hospitals, Chandigarh offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses to students.

Contact Details of Government Medical College and Hospital, Chandigarh

Address: Chandi Path, Sector 32B, 32B, Sector 32, Chandigarh, 160047, Punjab, India

College Phone Number: 0172 260 1023

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5th out of Top 5 Medical Colleges in Punjab

Christian Medical College & Hospital, Ludhiana

Christian Medical College and Hospital, Ludhiana is an educational and research institution of All India character, founded and run by a minority Christian community. Its main purpose is to educate and train Christian men and health professionals as health professionals in the spirit of Jesus Christ for the Church Ministry of Health in India. However, like many other Christian educational institutions, the college offers educational facilities to other youth and women regardless of religion, caste or community.

Through education in this college, the Christian Church strives to make a significant contribution to the health standards of all communities in our country with a special emphasis on healthcare in rural and out of reach areas/communities of India.

The medical missionary work in Ludhiana was started in 1881 by the Greenfield sisters, Miss Martha Rose and Miss K Greenfield. He was a Scottish evangelist and educator. This pioneering medical work of the Greenfield Sisters was the forerunner of the current Christian Medical College, Ludhiana’s Medical Training and Health Care Services Program.

The Greenfield Sisters and their colleagues organized the Health Care Educational Services, which was joined by Dr Edith Mary Brann in 1893, and in 1894 the North Indian School of Medicine for Christian Women was started by Dr Edith Mary Brann and her colleagues. Was made. Emphasizing on the integration of training and healthcare services, to train Indian citizens, in particular, to serve in the field of medical education and healthcare services.

Contact Details of Christian Medical College & Hospital, Ludhiana

Address: Brown Rd, CMC Campus, Ludhiana, Punjab, India 141008

College Phone Number: 0161 211 5000

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Types of medical colleges

We have two types of medical colleges and universities

Government Medical Colleges and Universities: Run by state or central government agencies

Private Medical Colleges and Universities: Run by private institutions

Armed Forces Medical College: Armed Forces Medical College is one of the leading medical institutes in India. The college provides training to undergraduate and postgraduate medical and nursing students with reliable career prospects in the defence services. You can also apply to this college.

In almost every case, government colleges are relatively preferred because of their definite reliability. In addition, there is a significant difference in the fee structure of central, state and private medical colleges. The AIIMS fee is only a few thousand rupees. The reason is that they are highly subsidized. The AIIMS fee is the lowest of all medical colleges.

Reasons to Study a Medicine Degree

There are many reasons why people study medicine degrees, from personal calling to calculated financial benefits. Whether it’s a first choice or a backup option, studying medicine abroad is a long-term commitment and a decision that should not be taken lightly.

1. You will have various medical career opportunities

Often overlooked, this factor is actually one of the most trusted. After graduation, you have a wide range of future job opportunities in the field of medicine. There are over 60 features that you can choose from, so you’ve got a choice.

You can choose to work in hospitals or other health facilities, research laboratories, or be part of the medical department in other professional fields. There are medical graduates who manage healthcare costs in the financial sector or contribute to legal work aimed at confirming medical errors and protecting patients’ rights.

2. Find medicine jobs anywhere in the world

All over the world, there is great consistency of medical knowledge and practice. This means that after graduating from a medical school or college in Europe, you can find a job and work in any hospital in South America or any other hospital in the world. This does not apply to many other topics!

One thing to remember is that if English is not widely spoken in that country, you will need to learn the local language. This is important when you communicate with patients and try to understand their symptoms and what causes them.

If you decide to study abroad, you will find that in many countries learning the official language is either part of the study of medicine or one of the admission requirements. Before choosing a medicine program abroad, always check to see if English skills are sufficient to graduate and practice medicine in that country.

3. Relieve people’s pain and suffering

If you’ve ever been to a hospital or met people who were, you know that these are some of the most difficult moments in one’s life. It is very easy for patients to feel frustrated and hurt even if the disease can be cured, or they just have to go through a small medical intervention.

This is where a great doctor or nurse can use their empathy and people’s skills to make a difference. It’s important to be honest with patients, but it’s also important to encourage and give them hope.

Many doctors and medical staff acknowledge that interacting with patients and family members touch them deeply and often changes the way they view their profession or life preferences. In those moments, you remember why you decided to work in medicine in the first place, and you feel complete.

There is nothing better than seeing people happy and healthy. Knowing that you play a major role in restoring their health and relieving their pain is probably the strongest and most important reason why so many people choose to study and work in medicine.

4. Doctors are in high demand

The world needs more doctors. According to the Telegraph, “In 2013, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that by 2030, there will be a shortage of 14.5 million healthcare professionals in low- and middle-income countries.”

The demand for healthcare professionals is also high in countries like the United States. According to the Labor Row of Labor Statistics, employment for nurses and doctors is expected to grow by 7-12% by 2028.

The position of Europe is more reasonable than that of other continents like Asia or Africa, but some countries need more doctors than others.

This is reflected in European policies. Many European countries that have banned or restricted the employment of foreign nationals do not apply this decision to doctors. The need for healthcare professionals is so great that in most cases, medical students get a job immediately after graduation.

5. Careers in healthcare offer higher salaries and job security

Another good reason to choose a career in medicine is the job stability you will enjoy after graduation. This is especially important in countries where recession is still a problem and where young people struggle to find work.

We also need to mention the high salaries of healthcare professionals. While this should not be the only reason why you study medicine, it is impossible to ignore it. Medical staff enjoy high salaries, or at least above average, the importance of their job and the high demand for qualified professionals.

Wages are very high in well-developed countries, and you should not be surprised if you are actually getting lower wages in a country with a volatile or slow-growing economy.

6. Discover new treatments and medicines through medical research

Many students go to medical school because the human body is attractive. Whether we are talking about information travelling at about 400 kilometres per hour along the nerves or giving our bodies a little light that our eyes cannot see, we do a lot of amazing things without being aware of it.

It’s easy to understand why someone falls in love and wants to know everything about our organs, tissues, and how we work.

That is why medicine studies are not just focused on developing practical skills and working in a healthcare organization. You can choose a medical degree focused on research and spend your time in labs, where you can examine cells, experiment and discover new ways to improve your health and well-being.

Even more interesting is that when we do more research on the human organism, we realize that there is a lot we don’t know yet. We don’t even know what we don’t know! Can you wrap your head around it?

For example, a team of researchers from the New York University School of Medicine may have discovered a new organ hidden under our skin. This is the beauty of science and medical research. It allows you to see where others have looked and discovered something they either missed or didn’t understand at the time.

Such works and discoveries help us to better understand our body and immune system. We can learn how the disease spreads and develops better treatment and prevention medicine. That is why medical research is an important branch in the field of medicine.

7. You can study Medicine online

We know that medical schools can be very expensive. If you decide to study abroad, you will incur additional charges on top of your tuition fees. We are talking about accommodation, travel tickets, living expenses, and more. When you combine them, you may find that you need a larger monthly budget.

This is one of the main benefits of an online bachelor’s or master’s degree in medicine. Programs are not always less expensive than traditional on-campus courses. But you eliminate all the other costs associated with studying abroad.

Another benefit of studying online is creating and managing your own program. You know the mornings when you can hardly convince yourself to get out of bed, but an important class for you starts at 8:00 in the morning. They’re not great, especially if it’s cold outside and even the weather begs you to stay home.

You do not have the permission required to post. This is usually a bad idea, but it is even worse for medical students. If you fall behind, you will make your life more difficult, and life is not easy for future medicine graduates.

With an online medical degree, as long as you meet the deadline, you can study and fulfil your responsibilities. This is great for anyone; You can be a night owl, or an early bird, or be more effective during the second half of the day. No matter when you do better, distance learning programs allow you to create a very flexible schedule.

You will still need a lot of discipline and planning to complete the course. And make sure you have a reliable internet connection and a computer/laptop that works properly.


Studying medicine is not easy, and it often represents a huge financial and time investment. But the benefits are definitely worth it. For some reason, medical jobs have been attractive over time. There is something unique about taking care of people’s health and helping them recover and start living again.

Perhaps we have a natural desire to touch others deeply and make a positive impact on their lives. If you are passionate about science, healthcare and helping people, and you find the human body interesting, you can’t go wrong with studying and working in medicine and health.

Hope you like the list of Top 5 Medical Colleges in Punjab. You can choose any of these above given Medical Colleges in Punjab for your study purpose. If you want any other information regarding this list then you can contact us or you can visit our official website.

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