Distance MBA Education in Punjab

Distance MBA Education in Punjab

Distance MBA Education in Punjab has reversed the dynamics of learning; instead of the student going to school, the school now comes to the student. Distance learning is the way of informing education that chains time and space between the tutor and the student due to geographical or time restrictions. These programs have been specially designed to assist meet the best needs and requirements that arise while studying occurs outside the domain of the traditional classroom setting.

Correspondence MBA Education in Punjab offers a lot to its MBA students by providing top-quality education, good infrastructure as well as excellent campus facilities. We are giving MBA degrees are affiliated with the UGC & DEC. Selection of applicants for colleges is taken based on the Management Aptitude Test score. Rankings for MBA plays a vital role as the candidate is entitled to take admission based on good ranks, otherwise, he/she has to compromise with average colleges. Keeping in mind the developed number of students, many part-time courses have been opened to help the students with studies.

Distance MBA Education in Punjab has been initiated to offer study materials as well as practice tests to the candidates that have opted for an online MBA degree. The best part about our distance learning MBA colleges in Punjab that we also conduct motivating and interactive sessions for the learners so that they can learn many things.

What is Distance MBA Program?

Distance MBA (MBA Distance Education) in Distance MBA Education in Punjab is a lucrative career option for those who cannot pursue a full-time MBA program due to many circumstances like lack of money to support the course, work schedule, etc. Distance learning MBA is a flexible and affordable choice that does not expect candidates to attend the classes regularly.

Distance MBA Education in Punjab programs is recognized by UG/AICTE. Few universities and institutes in India give MBA courses in distance mode. Nowadays most of the universities providing distance MBA courses have established placements cells so that learners are placed in multinational companies, government jobs, etc in profiles like Corporate Associate, Portfolio Manager, Finance Examiner, Credit Risk Manager, Executive, Senior Executive, etc.

Distance MBA Education in Punjab is the duly approved course by University Grants Commission (UGC). It offers the best option for the working experts and other candidates who can not attend classroom MBA programs. Distance Education in Punjab offers distance learning online degree, diploma, and certificate courses at par with their regular classroom programs. Distance MBA Education in Punjab can fulfill the dream of doing an MBA by keeping social distancing and keeping away the Corona Virus.

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Eligibility Criteria for Distance MBA Education in Punjab

The eligibility for Distance MBA Education in Punjab varies according to the institute and duration of the program. However, the usual 2 year Distance MBA Eligibility Criteria are:

  • Bachelor’s degree/ graduation from a known University
  • A correct score in any MBA entrance exam like State Level MBA/ MMS-CET/ MAT/ CMAT/ CAT/ ATMA/ XAT or equivalent management entrance test.
  • Some colleges manage their own entrance test if you don’t have any other test score
  • Work Experience is favored, but it is not an essential requirement

Correspondence MBA specializations / Programs

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program has been regularly represented online by a variety of courses, and the entire degree program can be completed online at Distance MBA Education in Punjab. After Distance MBA Education in Punjab completion, there are a lot of career options for candidates. At Correspondence MBA Education in Punjab, Graduate students will study finance, marketing, business, and management courses during the two-year course.

Our Distance MBA Education in Punjab courses offer chat rooms to give students an opportunity for discussion with their peers. Candidates will need an up-to-date computer with a high-speed internet connection. In an MBA program, including expected core courses may at times be replaced through challenge examinations or specific exams. Students in a Distance MBA Education in Punjab program can expect to take the following courses:

  • MBA in Business administration
  • MBA in Accounting and Finance
  • MBA in Management (multiple kinds)
  • MBA in Data communications
  • MBA in Marketing
  • MBA in Information Technology

At Correspondence MBA Education in Punjab, we will also offer correspondence MBA courses that are popular for career opportunities

  • Marketing and consulting
  • Business analysis
  • Human resources
  • Investment banking and finance
  • Leadership development
  • Operations

The duration of the Correspondence MBA Education in Punjab is two years, but the students can get maximum duration to finish the course is four years.

Major advantages of Distance MBA Education in Punjab

If you’re someone who is still sitting on the fence about Distance MBA Education in Punjab programs, the below-mentioned facts will help you take that leap:

An extremely cost-effective option – Counted amongst the major benefits of Distance MBA Education in Punjab is the fact that it proves to be a very affordable option. While on one hand, a full-time MBA course can set you back by anywhere from 5 lakh – 15 lakh, a Distance MBA Education in Punjab program from a good institution or university will cost you no more than 75,000 to 1.5 lakh.

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It proves best for time management – A Distance MBA Education in Punjab program will give you flexibility in terms of speed and time, compared to a regular MBA. It works best for people who can’t attend a full-time MBA program because of several reasons including money and time constraints.

Well recognized by all the regulatory bodies – If you complete your Distance MBA course from a Distance MBA Education in Punjab, you’ll be studying at an institute approved by the Distance Education Bureau (DEB) of the UGC. The favored status of the concerned MBA College can be verified by visiting the DEB website.

Makes full use of new-age educational technologies – Distance MBA Education in Punjab is something that makes optimum use of the power of new-age educational technologies, bringing the classroom to your home. Even the best business schools and universities of the world, making effective use of such technologies to deliver their programs in different parts of the world. Also, platforms and MOOCs like Udacity, Edex, and Coursera have done away with the brand once associated with distance learning programs.

Industry-relevant curriculum – The reputed Distance MBA Education in Punjab are seasoned enough to know the pulse of the market and make sure that their courses contain industry-relevant and updated curriculum, in line with the changing business environment.

Continuity in employment – Distance MBA Education in Punjab degrees are often pursued by professionals as these programs proved to be ideal for working people who find it hard to attend regular courses. Distance MBA enables them to improve their managerial skills while acquiring a new degree simultaneously with their jobs.

Here is a list of types of jobs after an MBA degree.

Marketing Manager
As the name suggests, a marketing manager is a person who leads the market outreach of the company. A marketing manager is responsible for the implementation of services or the performance of a product in the market.
Marketing managers are productive individuals who look after the panned and unplanned reputation of the company in the market. Planned images may add print or video advertisements, public speaking engagements, advertisements, and printed literature. Unplanned pictures can occur when one of the company’s representatives misspeaks in public, thus demanding immediate damage control, or when the company is attacked by an outside force such as when someone tampers with the company’s goods after they leave production or a fault in the product that isn’t known until well after the product has been in circulation.

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Management Consultant
A management consultant is a person who helps companies to improve their performance by carefully analyzing the existing problems and developing ways to solve them and give the organization better efficiency.
A management consultant requires to be strategic, calm, and operational when it gets to work. He should be a specialist in his field and should be solution-oriented. So, if you’re someone who has a knack to solve problems and manage people in a corner along with heavenly communication skills. Then you sway like giving a shit to management consultancy.

Investment Banker
An investment banker is a person who works closely with a financial institution and is responsible for building capital for governments, organizations, or other entities he is associated with.
An investment banker deals with large, complex financial transactions including structuring an acquisition, merger, or sale for the client or a group of clients. He also markets the risk of investing money in a proposed project and is mainly associated with making money by issuing securities.

Business Analyst
A business analyst is an individual who interprets and understands the needs of a business domain or an organization and aims at achieving technological solutions cost-effectively involving computer processes. They deal with the necessary management of a project or an organization and give them to the stakeholders, facilitators, and potential partners.

Why choose Distance MBA Education in Punjab?

Our Distance MBA Education in Punjab courses offer many advantages for students and working professionals. Among those the Key benefits are-

Effective Time Management- Our Distance MBA Education in Punjab offers the flexibility of time and rapidity over regular MBA. It is well adapted for people, who due to time, money, or other restrictions cannot afford to do a full-time MBA.

Power to train and learning knowledge, from your home- Correspondence/Distance MBA education has really benefited from the rise of communication and education technology.

The flexibility of education- Another big advantage of our Distance MBA Education in Punjab is high in terms of your learning routine compared to a straight on-campus program. This is why our correspondence MBA allows you to combine your career with continuing a degree more easily.

Industry-relevant curriculum- Distance MBA Education in Punjab is well aware of the changing business environment and thus offers an updated and industry-relevant curriculum to the students.

Costs of correspondence learning degrees- When choosing our Distance MBA Education in Punjab, you want to get good value for money. At Correspondence Distance MBA Education in Punjab, distance learning MBA is usually more affordable in terms of tuition fees than formal study programs.

"Distance MBA Education in Punjab"

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