Online Classes for Physics Class 12th

Online Classes for Physics Class 12th

If you are a typical High school student then probably you fear Physics. Not only the subject but your physics teachers also make you run away from the subject. Even if you are keened on the subject, the dull and boring school lectures tend to drive you away from the subject and as a result, you lose the passion you have for it.

This is quite sad as Physics is, hands-down, one of the most fascinating subjects of all time. Every concept comes as a challenge and breaks your mind’s barriers. Our Class 12 Physics Quick Revision course provides you with a comprehensive & exhaustive approach towards CBSE Class 12 Physics concepts.

With more than 35 lectures covering every topic present in the CBSE Class 12 Physics Curriculum, one can easily revise the entire course within hours and that too in an interesting manner. Class 12 Physics Quick Revision Course will provide you with a chance to study from highly experienced teachers in a unique way that ensures excellent preparation and revision for board examinations from the convenience of home.

You will learn efficient and effective problem-solving techniques and would be easily able to identify and improve your weak concepts. Have fun learning physics all while becoming more proficient at solving physics problems in real life, and becoming more analytical about the world around you.

Topics Covered

  1. Electrostatics
  2. Current Electricity
  3. Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance
  4. Electromagnetic Induction
  5. Magnetism and Matter
  6. Moving Charges and Magnetism
  7. Ray Optics and Optical Instruments
  8. Electromagnetic Waves
  9. Alternating Current
  10. Modern Physics (Atoms, Nuclei)
  11. Wave Optics
  12. Semiconductor Devices
  13. Communication System

Benefits of Coaching Classes

Access anytime with ease

When all these features are put together, one thing that is needed the most that can save students time and give them equally effective studying means as schools are, what we call Coaching Classes. When more than 6 hours are spent in school, students feel exhausted to travel again for tuitions and again come back home, where there is very little time left for self-study. What if the tutors are online and you can access their video classes and lectures anytime while traveling or during free time at home.

We are providing an online education where the student gets to understand any concept of their syllabus.

Personal Mentors

Various sites provide online education, but features like online coaching classes with personal mentors and one-to-one mentoring sessions make us an efficient means of study.

More engaging and interesting

In the present situation whether it is booking a cab to travel, ordering meals, or net banking, everything is digitized in the form of mobile apps. Hence, the learning app is a useful approach towards educating in a fun and innovative manner. The best thing about us is we are user-friendly and personal mentoring features that engage students and do not make them feel bored about any concept.

No more traveling expenses

Tuitions are the means of providing a student-friendly environment where there is no need to carry heavy bags and bulky textbooks to the school and back to tuitions from home and exhaust themselves. Education does not mean to force the concepts and theories to stay in mind forever, but it is all about enjoying knowledge with happiness.

Online tuitions are the means of delivering quality education through electronic media and minimizing the cost of traveling along with imparting a feeling of personal growth and enhancement through one-to-one mentoring. We are all set to help the present generation through online tuition and assist in the advancement of the nation.

Our Live Class 12 CBSE Board Course

Say no to local tuitions and attend live online classes by experienced faculty at the convenience of your home. You can choose any topic of Physics to strengthen your CBSE class 12 board exam preparation from home.

  1. Attend live online classes by qualified tutors faculty at the convenience of your home.
  2. Ask doubts during live classes and get clarification from teachers
  3. Measure your performance with regular online practice tests
  4. Get additional study material in printed and eBook format
  5. Replay a missed class as many times as you want for better revision

Where physics could take you?

Where do you think choosing physics could take you?

Could it be to a game studio, designing the next Minecraft? Or to the Met Office, creating computer models to predict climate change? Perhaps into education, to inspire the next generation? Or to a hospital, using physics to help to save lives?

There are thousands of exciting, rewarding physics-related careers to choose from – picking just one is hard. We’ve talked to people working in some of those industries to help you understand what their jobs involve and to see what a future with physics could look like.

Astronomy and space

Astronomy is extreme – distances, time periods, temperatures – and Astronomers study these extremes to answer some of the biggest questions we can ask, like: How did the universe begin? How will it end? And are we alone? If you want to go beyond the here and now to explore the deepest mysteries our universe can offer, then astronomy is the career for you.

Robotics and AI

It recommends friends and products on your social media, it powers Siri and Alexa, and it even makes your smartphone pictures better. Machine learning is already making a big mark on society, but AI and robotics will shape the workplace of the future. A career in robotics and AI will see you working on cutting-edge technologies that can make our lives easier, safer, and more enjoyable.


A good teacher is more than just someone who teaches. In the classroom, they motivate and inspire their students to learn about the world around them. They run exciting extra-curricular activities to keep young minds engaged. And they can even spread their knowledge by managing and supporting other teachers. As a result, a teacher can have a huge and lasting impact on the lives of young people.


Engineering boils down to building things to solve problems. It used to be restricted to constructing roads, bridges, vehicles, and other machinery, but today an engineer might build ultra-accurate lasers for surgery, smaller, more powerful microchips, or new smartphone apps. If it solves a problem and makes life easier, chances are an engineer built it – and that engineer could be you.

Finance and law

Why are people with physics backgrounds sought after in finance and law? The kind of complicated, interconnected problems found in law and finance require the practical mathematical problem-solving skills physicists use to understand the world – sometimes even using the same equations. It’s a bonus that physicists tend to be good at computer modeling and working with big data.

Medical physics and digital healthcare

Physics plays a crucial role in healthcare. In hospitals, medical physicists deliver radiation to patients, either helping diagnose disease through nuclear medical imaging or fighting diseases like cancer with radiotherapy. Away from hospitals, people with physics backgrounds are needed in a wide range of roles – from predicting how infectious diseases spread to developing new healthcare technologies.

Climate science and meteorology

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges humanity has ever faced. If you want to make a difference there are a huge and growing number of career choices open to you. These range from the obvious, like becoming a meteorologist who works to understand the climate and weather systems, to the surprising, such as working in environmental law or developing agricultural technology.

Renewable energy

Fossil fuels continue to pollute the planet and contribute to climate change, but energy technology is starting to have an impact – solar, wind, and wave power is gradually replacing coal, oil, and gas. More work is needed to make renewables more efficient and affordable, and alternatives like nuclear fusion are taking big steps. You could help to power the world with clean electricity.

VFX and gaming

Few careers combine tech skills with creativity like VFX and game development. It takes physics, maths, art, and coding to make your favorite character walk and jump realistically. With a physics background, you could become a programmer, writing code based on the laws of physics to make gameplay look uncannily real, or an environment artist, conjuring up elaborate CGI worlds for movies.

Why choose us for Online Classes for Physics Class 12th?

  1. Affordable – We can be a lot more cost-effective than traditional coaching or tuitions that students wish to opt for.
  2. Flexible – All the courses of physics, IIT-JEE, and foundation exams can be accessed from anywhere anytime with the help of any digital device. Students need not leave their homes and go to faraway places to get quality teaching since the expertise can be available to you at your place.
  3. Doubt Clarification – Students tend to struggle with their doubts early in the morning, late at night and thus We are 3 AM friends for them. They can always watch recorded lectures and ask their doubts right then and there.
  4. Quality Content – We are the digital version of the prominent and certified experience and legacy of our classroom coaching and thus all the content is delivered from the trusted and qualified faculties of the coaching itself.
  5. Multi-Device – Students need not invest a heavy amount in buying some specialized hi-tech devices to access the courses. The online courses can be accessed on any device such as mobile, desktop, laptop, or tablet.
  6. We simplify the syllabus in very short and easy-to-understand videos Students can visualize the minute details of the concepts and understand them correctly.
  7. Students can visualize the minute details of the concepts and understand them correctly.
  8. At a small cost, you get the best quality video courses.
  9. Enjoy our short high-quality videos that get straight to the point. We break concepts down into easy-to-follow steps. No long and boring lectures.
  10. Content mapped with Class 12 (Science) Physics syllabus and tweaked to help various competitive exams like JEE, NEET.
  11. Follow 3 easy steps to score high in exams
  • Understand through video lessons
  • Quick Revision using notes
  • Take test.

"Online Classes for Physics Class 12th"

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