WordPress Training in Mohali

WordPress Training in Mohali

WordPress Training Institute

If you want to build a career in WordPress? Then, join WordPress training in Mohali is one of the best WordPress Training. WordPress started as a blogging platform, but nowadays it’s a full-fledged content management system. It is non-proprietary anyone can download and use it.

WordPress is used to design blogs and dynamic webpages by using the themes and plugins, which are provided by WordPress. The usage of WordPress is easy for that we don’t require any coding skills. For this we require only basic knowledge over the internet is enough, that’s why people are interested to learn WordPress.

WordPress is more than a blogging platform, and it can be us as static websites, E-commerce sites. The WordPress training in Mohali helps us the creation of content, directing, and working on WordPress plugins. It’s not only knowing you to create a website but also you can maintain your site by editing and updating yourself in the future. Nowadays, the world has become a small place, though because of the internet. What the information we require, we go to a search engine to search for that. These days people have become smart instead of searching for magazines, the readers showing interest in searching for information on blogs and websites.

WordPress training in Mohali is the best solution for those who want to start a career as a blogger or an entrepreneur in this digital world. It’s simple and easily customize your website, that makes us become the next secret to success.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is to create a blog or a website. It is easy to use and modify. That’s why a lot of people every day use WordPress to design their own website. This WordPress Training will enhance full expertise in installation, configuration, and setup of WordPress. WordPress Course in Mohali helps to the creation of content, managing, and working with WordPress Plugins. Not only knowing you created a website yourself but also you will be allowed to maintain your new website yourself in the future. The non-stop Rise in the Popularity of WordPress and its Themes, Nowadays, there is an Increasing Demand for the Online Based WordPress Learning Sites Which will Offer the Highly Beneficial Training Modules at Absolutely a reasonable cost. Such Training Courses Teach you the Most essential Information About the WordPress Themes, its Content Management System and it Can also Help dramatically developing the Skills of Web Developers or Designers.WordPress Training is not like Some Other Types of Oracle or Microsoft Certified Courses Because it is not Actually an Official Certification course. You Will just Learn the Basic Concepts of This Powerful Software Suite Named WordPress Which can be attainable Easily at the Beginning but it Includes a lot of things to Learn. While Choosing the WordPress Courses from anyone of the WordPress Training Institutes in Mohali, you Should Need to Clearly Notice the Things.

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Who can attend this course?

  • Anybody interested in WordPress
  • You don’t require any special “technical” knowledge to attend this course
  • Familiar with using the Internet
  • Website Builders
  • WordPress Developers
  • Bloggers

WordPress Course Content

Module 1: Open Source Software

  • Introduction
  • Different Terminology
  • Platforms for Open Source Software
  • Conclusion

Module 2: Creating a WordPress Website

  • Creating a Database
  • Creating a Website Folder
  • Copying the WordPress Files and Folders
  • Configuring WordPress

Module 3: Dashboard Login

  • Starting WampServer
  • Opening the Localhost Page
  • Opening the Website
  • Logging in to the Website

Module 4: The WordPress Interface

  • The Notion of the Dashboard
  • Opening a New Tab For Your Website
  • The Screen Options
  • Expanding or Collapsing the Boxes
  • Collapsing the Menu

Module 5: Changing WordPress Settings

  • Accessing General Settings
  • Changing the Site Title and Tagline
  • Changing the E-mail Address
  • Changing the Timezone

Module 6: About Plugins

  • What is a Plugin?
  • Where to Find Plugins
  • Downloading a Plugin
  • Installing a Plugin
  • Updating a Plugin
  • Deleting a Plugin

Module 7: The Page Screen

  • Switching Between the Visual and Text Editors
  • Toggling the Toolbar
  • Adding Buttons to the Editor Toolbar

Module 8: Creating Web Pages

  • Viewing All the Pages
  • Adding Pages
  • Creating Parent Pages
  • Inserting Images

Module 9: Creating Posts

  • Creating Categories
  • Creating Posts
  • Adding Featured Image

Module 10: Creating a Menu

  • Creating a New Menu
  • Adding Pages to the Menu
  • Re-Arranging Menu Items
  • Setting the Menu Location
  • Removing a Menu Item
  • Setting the Home Page
  • Inserting a Hyperlink to Download a File
  • Inserting a Hyperlink to an External Website
  • Inserting a Hyperlink to an Internal Page
  • Inserting an E-mail Address
  • Removing a Hyperlink
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Module 12: About Shortcodes

  • What is Shortcode?
  • How to Use a Shortcode
  • Shortcode Example
  • Installing a Plugin
  • Creating the Photo Gallery
  • Adding Shortcode to a Page
  • Adding Page to the Menu

Module 14: Creating a Contact Form

  • Installing a Plugin
  • Adding a Shortcode to a Page
  • Changing the E-mail Address

Module 15: About Widgets and Sidebars

  • What is a Widget?
  • What is a Sidebar?
  • Adding/Removing Widgets
  • Adding a Text Widget
  • Adding an Image Widget
  • Adding a Post Widget

Module 16: WordPress Themes

  • What is a Theme?
  • Viewing Themes
  • Changing the Theme
  • Where to Find Free Themes
  • Installing a Downloaded Theme

Module 17: Adding a Slideshow

  • Uploading Images for Slideshow
  • Using the Theme’s Built-in Slideshow Feature
  • Installing a Slideshow Plugin
  • Creating a Slideshow
  • Adding the Slideshow to a Page
  • Adding a Slideshow to a Sidebar

Module 18: Adding Social Media Buttons

  • Using a Plugin to Add Social Media Buttons
  • Adding Social Media Buttons to a Widget
  • Using the Theme’s Option to Add Social Media
  • Button

Module 19: Styling the Home Page

  • Changing the Logo & Favicon
  • Changing the Home Page Content Area

Module 20: Inserting A Google Map

  • Opening Google Maps
  • Copying the Code
  • Changing the Editor
  • Pasting the Code

Module 21: Newsletter Signup

  • Installing a Plugin
  • Configuring the Plugin
  • Adding Shortcodes

Module 22: WordPress Web Security

  • Installing & Activating the Plugin
  • Scanning Your Website for Vulnerabilities
  • Using Strong Passwords
  • Changing the Admin User
  • Keeping WordPress & Plugins & Themes up to Date
  • Avoiding Free Themes

Module 23: Redirecting Pages

  • Installing a Plugin
  • Configuring the Plugin
  • Adding a Redirect

Module 24: Backing Up the Website

  • Installing a Plugin
  • Creating a Backup
  • Locating the Backup
  • Downloading the Backup
  • Changing the Backup Location

Scope after WordPress Training Course in Mohali?

Before now, the management of WordPress was nothing to write home about considering the rate at which things were moving digitally. In terms of the user interface, what can it provide in the nearest future? Because whatever the case may be, there will always be space for development. Today, WordPress is powering a relatively high number of websites. It is famous and better than the CMS package ten times over anywhere around the world. So it will take many years for any upcoming website improving solution to meet up with the cross of WordPress.

There indeed will be a rush of WordPress users as a result of new and attractive design patterns and plugins that always comes in. WordPress is set to improve the usability pattern of its services especially for first-timers; this will design an avenue for more interested new users to get a feel for the whole thing. The WordPress platform allows for a diversity of interest from every walk of life and provides extraordinary power to beginners at their disposal. It is ventured that by the end of next year. There should be over 200 million websites generated by WordPress. If you observe the fact that they power over 20% of the whole website currently active on the world wide web.

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How do we provide a job assistant after the completion of the WordPress Course?

Our WordPress Training course in Mohali will help you in learning and creating your own website. Further, you can maintain and make a backup of your website without any help from a professional. Our word press training program will help all those from beginner to the professional, developer, or having no programming skills or designing. By WordPress course, you can make simple, attractive, business, and personal websites.

After completing the WordPress course you can create a user-friendly theme base website, easy navigation, contact us form, using multiple plugins, and more. Also, you will get an understanding of how to install WordPress on a local server and an online C-panel hosting server. After WordPress Course, you will get a job assistant. We tie up with Many MNC companies and IT Firms. WordPress Training in Mohali helps you to get job placement in a reputed organization.

Why choose us for WordPress Training in Mohali?

  • WordPress Training in Mohali will help you to earn the Various Things and Concepts of WordPress such as WordPress E-commerce, WordPress Building Progressive Themes with the CMS, WordPress Contact Forms, and WordPress REST API Authentication. Some of the Best Online Based Training Institutes are also Providing you with the Courses Regarding WordPress Backing up Your Site, Developing Secure WordPress Sites or Blogs, Customization of the Woo-commerce Themes, WordPress Internationalization, Building a Paid Membership WordPress Site, and also Essential Training about WordPress.com Platform.
  • Right from the Basics to LIVE Project
  • Our Live Project Training course is specially designed for students who can build and customize a business and professional WordPress website.
  • We’re professional in the field of WordPress Training in India, dealing only in WordPress Training and Development
  • Our training methods are unique, efficient, and progressive, and our approach to transfer knowledge is always reviewed and updated.
  • Our facilities have more than 12 years of experience in Training, eCommerce, SEO, and Website Designing & Development
  • We believe that quality training should not stop at the decision of your WordPress training course. We offer all our students unique AFTER-Training Support
  • Create a Live website with WordPress
  • 100% Practical Training
  • Free Paid Theme & Plugin
  • 100% placement assistance
  • Free WordPress Ebook.
  • Access to WordPress tutorial videos
  • Membership in our Brolly Alumni Group
  • Free Image editing Tips classes as a bonus.

"WordPress Training in Mohali"

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