PTE Coaching Classes in Mohali

PTE Coaching Classes in Mohali

PTE Coaching Classes

If you have decided to appear for PTE, whether academic or general. Congratulations! you are on the right platform. We at PTE Coaching Classes in Mohali team and certified trainers convey you to reach your desired score because we value your time, effort, and money. We have experienced certified professionals, who are indulged in providing the best assistance to students to achieve the score on the first attempt. For Academic and General Training Students, our trainers help them with the strategies to work on their weaker grounds, which will be followed by doubt clearing sessions. Students are paid individual attention and they are evaluated regularly through the mock tests which are designed as the replica of the actual PTE exam by the professionals so that students can check their level weekly and improve accordingly. Also, we provide unlimited study materials and Mock test series to track your performances and grammar sessions also to improve your writing and speaking skills.

Here, in our PTE classes in Mohali, interactional sessions with experienced trainers and daily activities make it the best place to learn. To give the best coaching, we always update our students with the latest study material. Generally, the best way to prepare for any exam is to be involved in training or class and get face-to-face lectures. There are institutions around the world that provide PTE academic preparation courses.

About PTE

  • Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic) is an international computer-based test. It offers a measure of a test taker’s language ability to assist education institutions and professional and government organizations that require a standard of academic English language proficiency for admission purposes.
  • The computer-based test focuses on day to day English rather than high-level English language and tests a student on his/her ability to effectively understand the language as spoken daily.
  • The multi-level grading system ensures a better understanding of the student’s proficiency in the English language.
  • PTE coaching classes in Mohali have been used to prove English proficiency for student visas in Australia for the past five years.

Features of PTE

  1. The PTE is generally taken by people whose first language is not English to study in or immigrate to English speaking countries.
  2. The scores of the PTE exam are accepted as measures for admission to many universities across the world.
  3. Applicants should be at least 16 years old to attempt the PTE
  4. Applicants, less than 18 years of age need to provide proof of the parent’s consent
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PTE Test Format:

PTE Academic test focuses on real-life English used in academic surroundings. Besides the questions, the test includes an unscored voice recording of the applicant. Along with the PTE test scores, this recording is sent to various universities to which the applicant wishes to apply. Allow us to give you the top PTE coaching in Mohali and easily achieve more than your required score!

PTE Academic test has four components- Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening, in that order. These are divided into the following three sections.

Section 1: Speaking and Writing

This is the first section of the PTE Academic test and is designed to assess the verbal as well as written English skills of test-takers. Speaking entails a variety of tasks that require the candidate to speak as fluently as possible in English. The Writing component offers two tasks wherein the written skills of candidates are adjudged. We offer the best PTE coaching in Mohali that will help candidates tackle this seemingly tough section.

  • Candidate Introduction
    • Duration – 1 – 2 minutes
    • Question Type –
  • Personal Introduction
  • Read aloud
  • Repeat sentence
  • Describe image
  • Re-tell lecture
  • Answer short questions
  • Summarise written text (in one sentence)
  • Essay (20mins)
    • Duration – 77 – 93 minutes

Section 2: Reading

The Reading component of PTE entails a set of different question types that aim to gauge the understanding skills of the candidate when English is presented in a written format. There are different tasks wherein the test taker must read through various passages and answer the questions that follow.

  • Question Type -Multiple choice questions – choose a single answer
  • Multiple choice questions – choose multiple answers
  • Re-order paragraphs
  • Reading fill in the blanks
  • Reading and Writing fill in the blanks
    • Duration – 32 – 41 minutes
    • -An optional break of 10 minutes

Section 3: Listening

In the last section of the PTE test, the Listening module offers multiple question types in an audio format that assess the listening skills of candidates. A range of accents will be spoken in the audio and candidates must listen carefully to select the correct responses at the end of each question.

Question Type –

There are 2 parts to this section.

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Part 1:

  • Summarize spoken text

Part 2:

  • Multiple choice questions – choose multiple answers
  • Listening fill the blanks
  • Highlight the correct summary
  • Multiple choice questions – choose a single answer
  • Select missing word
  • Highlight incorrect words
  • Write from dictation
  • Duration – Overall timing: 55 Minutes to 1 Hour

Join the best PTE coaching classes in Mohali and score high in all sections of the test! You can also avail of PTE online coaching with us in case you cannot attend direct classes. In fact, many people who enroll with us for PTE coaching are those living abroad and not just those from outside Mohali.

What Each Section Of PTE Entails?

All sections of the PTE Academic objective is to test the English skills of candidates on different levels. You will be given a computer and a headset to listen to as well as read the questions and answer them. There are different types of questions in each component of the PTE exam. We offer the best PTE coaching in Mohali to help you score the maximum in all components.

Scoring In PTE:

Since PTE is a computer-based test, even the scores are completely automated. Each of the components of the PTE Academic test is scored on a band of 10 to 90. Then, an aggregate of each of these is calculated to form the overall test score. The PTE scorecard includes the results of an applicant’s communicative as well as enabling skills. This overall score will reflect the test taker’s overall ability in the English language. At English Springs, you will be given the best PTE coaching in Mohali that will enable you to get scores beyond what you require.

Refer to the details below for a better understanding of what kind of scores you need in each of the sections and how they affect your Visa application points.

Level of English

1. Competent

Scores required in each section: 50+
Points Scored: Nil

2. Proficient

Scores required in each section: 65+
Points Scored: 10

3. Superior or Expert

Scores required in each section: 79+
Points Scored: 20

Why join PTE Coaching Classes in Mohali?

Our aim at PTE Coaching classes in Mohali is to assist our students in achieving success in the PTE. Our well-experienced trainers serve the students’ requirements by providing top quality PTE coaching. They planned the syllabus and schedule in a way that suits them the best of our students. As a Top PTE Coaching class, we have trainers who examine the strengths and weaknesses of our students, and then design an individualized study plan accordingly.

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We help our students to crack this test by enhancing their real-life English skills. Our professional teachers find out the weaknesses of the students in real-life English skills and then train them accordingly. We give special training to enhance listening skills which is the base of PTE as two sections listening and speaking are based on listening skills. As a top PTE coaching center, we trained students for exams as well as make them confident to live abroad by improving his/her overall English skills. We teach them time management methods and mock tests and some special reading and listening techniques. Our professional teachers are very innovative and always try to discover new methods of teaching according to the student’s strengths and weaknesses.

Features of our Course:-

  • Our trainers provide an easy and flawless pattern for PTE preparation.
  • We have well experienced, dedicated, and expert faculties.
  • Focused exam-oriented approach to help every student in getting the desired score.
  • We provide modern language techniques to enhance every student’s vocabulary and grammatical skills. Special attention to students who are weak in English.
  • Our trainers give special tips to bust anxiety, exam phobias, or any stress and test day tips and tricks for PTE Test.

Advantages Of Taking PTE Coaching Classes In Mohali:

  • Free Demo Class

PTE Coaching starts with a free demo class where you get to know the instructor and their Coaching Techniques.

  • Customized PTE Coaching

We customize PTE Coaching as per your requirements and needs.

  • Study Material

PTE Coaching with the help of unlimited and updated study material to keep you up to date with all the latest questions asked in the PTE exam.

  • Mock Test

Regular mock tests are managed to keep coaching interesting. It helps you know what level you have reached since you started and if you are ready for the exam or not.

  • Grammar

Grammar and good knowledge of collocation help you score high in the PTE Exam.

  • Small Batches

PTE Training is conducted in small batches. Trainers work with you on an individual level and offer you feedback on every task performed.

  • Doubt Clearing Session

Every weekend we conduct doubt clearing sessions so that you are left with no doubt whatsoever.

  • Test Booking

We help you book the exam, it goes without saying. PTE vouchers are also available to reduce the test booking fee.

"PTE Coaching Classes in Mohali"

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