Distance PGDCA Education in Mohali

Distance PGDCA Education in Mohali

If you have an extreme interest in computer applications and programming, PGDCA (Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications) is one of the best choices for completing your undergraduate studies as it is a specialization course in computer applications.

Distance PGDCA Education in Mohali is provided by the Universities of Mohali. These Distance PGDCA Learning Courses in Mohali are highly in demand as they allow the students to nurture other interests along with their studies. The first hesitation of pursuing education through distance learning mode has gradually evaporated in Mohali.

Correspondence PGDCA Education in Mohali is looked forward to as a suitable mode of pursuing higher education. It is easier for the learners to pursue a correspondence course from the Universities of Mohali as the course fee of these distance learning courses is much lower as compared to that of the regular courses.

Distance PGDCA Education in Mohali also offers necessary study materials to the students. Thus, Distance Learning Institutes offer a fair amount of flexibility to the students.

What is Distance PGDCA?

Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application is a diploma level computer science course. Distance PGDCA Education in Mohali is a one-year post-graduate diploma in the field of computer science. The course is generally divided into two semesters, each of six months duration. Any Graduate can complete this course. The Distance PGDCA would help learners to acquire both scientific and computer knowledge that covers the basics of computer science. Learners get equipped with ICT Tools, C Programming, packages like Tally, Oracle – VB, Web Designing, Computer Organization, and Architecture, using C++, Soft Skills Development, Management Process, and OB, Database Management Systems, Data Structure using Java, including the Project. Correspondence PGDCA Education in Mohali is really a smarter choice for you if you are a graduate and want to persuade a professional course that saves your time and money

Eligibility & Duration of PGDCA Correspondence

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Reasons why doing the PGDCA program through distance education will be the best:-


Nowadays, education leads to be an expensive affair, especially in a core industry like IT. This, however, differences, if it is an online/distance course. Everyone agrees with the fact that Distance PGDCA Education in Mohali is a much more economical alternative to an on-campus course. In a situation where you have just begun your career and the pay scale is not so high, any money-saving step is a definite boon.

Flexible scheduling

Most who are attempting online-learning, are already working or occupied with something else which is time-consuming. One of the brilliant features of Distance PGDCA Education in Mohali is that it allows you to follow your dreams while still fulfilling other responsibilities and is also well accepted by corporate and government organizations. The other main benefit of distance education is that you can work out the studying according to your timing and comfort.

Easy access

Distance PGDCA Education in Mohali can be done either online or by getting the course material which we generally called as study learning material (SLM) either of these options allows you to operate and study remotely without relying on references like classrooms, faculty and so on. As these study materials were created while keeping in mind the present trend in the market by the faculty and specialists of the industry.

Distance PGDCA Education in Mohali gives you a wide range of access options and study choices as per your location, convenience and thus save time. Access to books and the internet is readily available to all who choose this method of learning, that is why distance education is favoured by many working professionals and well accepted by many corporate and government organizations, to make India skilled.

Practical application on the work front

If you just began work in the IT industry and take on an IT program in Distance PGDCA Education in Mohali then there are many advantages in your favour. Taking on distance education while working lets you practically realize everything you are studying simultaneously which will help you in gaining both the practical knowledge and fundamentals of the course.

Through the course, you get all the knowledge you need and while working you can experiment and apply everything you learn.

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Peer Knowledge

Working and studying together can be beneficial also since you will have access not only to the course material but also to the minds of your work peers.

Many people hesitate with Online/Distance PGDCA Education in Mohali with the assumption that there will be minimal interaction and in a market, it would not be acceptable, thus a lack of peer-to-peer learning. This can be shown wrong when you worked and study together since you can then take the assistance of your colleagues at work and your superiors. Your company will become the center of knowledge and learning for you.

Scope of Distance PGDCA Program

PGDCA is a course with several uses because it offers lots of scope with fabulous jobs within and outside the country. This programme will give you a sound understanding of essential computer applications in business covering key programming languages, database management, systems analysis, computer software development in specific applications such as studies, financial management, and long-range planning. Such data will help candidates to find employment in the public and private areas, insurance, banking, accounting, e-commerce, marketing, and lots more.

Post completing this course, you may make one of your favourite interests from multiple roles in many companies. You may also become a software engineer, computer operator, application specialist, mobile developer, system administrator, system analyst, support engineer, database administrator, network engineer, and many more.

The average salary granted to the professionals completing this course likely ranges between Rs 2 to 10 Lakh annually, which increases with experience and expertise. Many multinational organizations such as Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), National HCL, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba, Instruments, Vodafone, Cypress Semiconductor, VSNL, Hutchison, Accenture, Analog Devices India, In-silica Semiconductors, Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd, Cisco Systems, ASUS, Boeing BEL, Alcatel, Robert Bosch, Siemens, Unisys, Tata Elxsi, Qualcomm, Sasken Communications, BSNL, Airtel, etc. use such professionals.

Another advantage of the Distance PGDCA course is that you may also get direct admission to the second year of the MSc (IT) or Master of Computer Applications (MCA) course in case you complete PGDCA from an approved institution/university. You can also go for the MCA course after completion of the Distance PGDCA Course.

Job Profiles After Completing PGDCA Distance Education Course

Database Manager

The candidate has to create and manage a range of databases for the company or the client to the client.
Network Analyst: The candidate is responsible for installing, designing a layout and management of all network components established within an organization.

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Game Developer

The candidate is allowed to develop a video game and build video game consoles for organizations or client-to-client.

Application Developer

The candidate will be accountable for creating, testing, and programming application software for organization or client to client.

QA tester

The learner will be involved in testing, tuning, debugging and analyzing the nature of the finished game. They are needed to suggest refinements in finished games.

Software Trainers

The learner will be qualified to teach aspirants coding language, desktop programmes and evaluate training needs as well.

Database Administrator

Learners with good problem-solving skills and communication skills will be liable for the performance and security of the database of organizations or clients to clients.

Computer Operator

The learner will be responsible for executing extensive computer tasks and operations for the company or the client to the client.

Software Developer

The candidate will have to stay engaged in the entire software development cycle which involves researching, programming, designing and testing.

Network Administrator

The learner will be responsible for maintaining the internal as well as an external network of the company.

Why choose Distance PGDCA Education in Mohali?

With the increasing digitization and technology developing faster, considering software and machines has become the necessity of the hour. Distance PGDCA Education in Mohali covers some very important aspects and topics related to the current world. The scope of Computer Applications has increased with time, and so have the jobs under the umbrella opened. The Correspondence PGDCA Education in Mohali also gives basic skills and techniques learners on careers can apply and educate themselves about.

Computer application works are not just in demand here in India but have a broader scope abroad. There are equal job possibilities in the private as well as the public sector. There is a field like banking, insurance, and accounting, which have a large demand for computer application candidates.

  • Proven track record in the pedagogy of distance education
  • 24×7 Learning Management System
  • General & specialized Programme curriculum covering latest advance & emerging trends
  • Contents developed by experts from academia and industry
  • E-Learning, e-study books, e-mentoring & faculty interaction
  • Learning through Virtual Classroom
  • The dynamic online evaluation system
  • Experiential learning by way of project work/case studies

"Distance PGDCA Education in Mohali"

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