Distance M.Com Education in Mohali

Distance M.Com Education in Mohali

Distance M.Com Education in Mohali aims is to provide higher education opportunities to those who are unable to participate in regular academic and vocational education programmes in the affiliated colleges of the University and make higher education reach the doorsteps in rural and geographically remote areas. Education through Distance M.Com Education in Mohali mode is an alternative mode of imparting instruction to overcome the problems of access, infrastructure and socio-economic difficulties. Distance Education in Mohali offers Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and Certificate programmes in the field of Art, Commerce etc.

Education is a very significant part of any person’s life and plays an important role in shaping the overall personality of a person. Learning is a lifelong method but getting a degree is very essential to secure a job in today’s competitive employment market. Education helps to broaden our horizons and gives us knowledge of the world. Distance M.Com Education in Mohali is helping every student in this noble vision of getting a degree and continuing education in their desired field.

The courses have been recognized and approved by the Distance Education Council (DEC). An Expert Committee from the DEC visited the Centre in November 2005 and evaluated infrastructural facilities, availability of course materials, details of delivery mechanisms, provisions of learners support, library facilities etc. The self-learning course materials are provided with subject experts and evaluated by a team of experts. In recent times, IDE has embarked on the road of using ICT for distance learning. The institute is in the process of creating a computer centre and a website, for which material is being grown.

What is Distance M.Com?

M.Com or Master of Commerce is the postgraduate master’s degree course in Commerce. This popular postgraduate degree normally needs two years. M.Com degree is entirely different from other business and management courses. The learners after completing the M.Com graduation can easily get placements in fields that involve Financial Services, Project Management and other Marketing Sectors. M.Com is one of the popular postgraduate courses offered by reputed Universities in India. M.Com offers both theoretical and practical information in Commerce. Students who pursue M.Com in Distance M.Com Education in Mohali have wider opportunities across companies as every company has a financial team and a necessity to be filled up.

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M.Com correspondence from Distance M.Com Education in Mohali provides students with a great opportunity to acquire strong knowledge on subjects and become expertise in Marketing, Finance and other Finance Instruments. Correspondence M.Com Education in Mohali admission process is very simple and easy and people from across India show special interests to get admission in Distance M.Com Education in Mohali is an ocean of opportunity and welcomes you with a wide range of employment opportunities. Once you enroll in Correspondence M.Com Education in Mohali correspondence courses M.Com simultaneously you can work in any organization.

Eligibility for Distance M.Com

The eligibility criteria are given below:

  • The basic eligibility to get admission into the M.Com course is graduation in any stream.
  • Some Universities accept the graduation degree with Business/Management studies or Honours in Economics for admission into M.Com course.
  • You have to obtain at least 45-50% marks in your graduation degree.

Why Choose M.Com?

Corporate financial accounting and corporate tax planning are some of the necessities of the modern-day business sector in terms of auditing the financial industry in the organization. Accounts Assistant, accountant, business analyst and financial analyst are some of the main recruitment areas in terms of employment perspective and are some of the most lucrative M.Com job possibilities.

In the era of startups and the majority of entrepreneurship, designations such as market analysts, operations managers carry enormous responsibilities and are in demand and can be filled by the expert of the M.Com course. Internship opportunities in major companies like Infosys, Dell will add a lot of weight in terms of experience in the resumes of the expert of M.Com course.

Learners can either pursue their career or further studies in statistics, taxation, accounting & finance, banking, insurance etc. Law school is a very simple destination nowadays for new postgraduates in commerce.

Some Benefits of Choosing this M.Com Correspondence

If the learners will choose Distance M.Com Education in Mohali then they will get the following benefits from us:

No Age Barrier

Most of the land-based colleges and universities have age limitations but in Distance M.Com Education in Mohali, there is no age barrier. M.Com Distance Education candidates will fill an online form to get admission to our university. Doesn’t matter, whether you are old or young you can easily get a post-graduation degree by registering us.

More Opportunities

Correspondence M.Com Education in Mohali offered an M.Com distance learning course that will offer students many career opportunities such as a large number of placements. Also, we have a regular careered oriented program and online seminars which will guide learners about their courses. Moreover, we have a team of specialists for students who will guide them by resolving their doubts.

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India Top Universities

This is a problem that learners can face in the matter of seeking the top universities. That’s why Distance M.Com Education in Mohali offers universities in our country can offer them the M.Com Distance Education course. In this way, learners can easily get a degree from the top universities without facing any problem. Also, we only bond with those universities which are placed by the DEB or UGC that makes students degree more valuable.

Benefits Of Distance Education

Distance M.Com Education in Mohali makes lifelong possible. Along with enhanced access to educational events, it offers convenience, flexibility, and affordability, of the innumerable advantages of Distance Education, some are listed here:


Correspondence M.Com Education in Mohali suits the diverse educational requirements of students, professionals, entrepreneurs, and house-wives and is advantageous to any individual who wants to pursue higher education while continuing with what they doing.


The maximum duration of Distance M.Com Education in Mohali programmes provides its students enough time to complete their programmes. This flexibility is especially given, keeping in mind that the Distance Education learners have other commitments too.


Distance M.Com Education in Mohali allows flexibility of studying any time of the day, be it in the wee hours of the morning or at late nights. Learners may choose to study in the comfort of their homes, while travelling, while they are in the waiting area of a railway station or an airport, or any other place where they want to be.


Distance M.Com Education in Mohali provides multi-tasking opportunities to students. Flexibility and convenience, rendered by it, offer the students freedom to head to their other responsibilities too.


Age is no bar for anyone wanting to pursue a Distance Education Programme.


One can always enhance his / her academic and expert standing by opting for a Distance Education programme which in turn helps in increasing one’s remuneration and promotional potential. The new qualification gives an edge to an individual over his peers and colleagues.


Distance M.Com Education in Mohali learning portal and course format 6×6 week modules offer you the quickest route to attaining your Postgraduate Diploma.

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Our courses are excellent for existing healthcare professionals to develop their qualifications without having to take time out from their careers. Our online Postgraduate Diploma and MSc qualifications can be made in your own time as they are entirely online. We aim to deliver Quality, Flexibility and Empowerment across all our courses.


Distance M.Com Education in Mohali online Postgraduate Diploma and MSc courses are each given by an expert board who have an established international reputation in education in their field. This assures that the course is delivered to a high standard and remains reputable. Our course tutors come from across the world and each brings their own skills and experience to our courses.

M.Com Specialisations:

M.Com course is a course of many specializations. Some of the specialization choices available for the aspirants of the M.Com course are:

  • M.Com in Accounting
  • M.Com in Finance
  • M.Com in Marketing
  • M.Com in Human Resources Management
  • M.Com in Taxation
  • M.Com in International Business
  • M.Com in Entrepreneurship
  • M.Com Business Management
  • M.Com in Corporate Law
  • M.Com in Industrial Business
  • M.Com in Operations Management
  • M.Com in Management Accounting
  • M.Com Computer Applications

Job Profile:

M.Com degree holder can work as:

  • Assistant Accountant
  • Accountant
  • Senior Account Executive
  • Cashier
  • Personal Finance Consultant
  • Business Consultant
  • Teachers/Lecturer
  • Executive Assistant
  • Financial Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Corporate Analyst
  • Investment Banker
  • Marketing Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Operations Manager

Employment Areas:

  • Banks
  • Economic Consulting Jobs
  • Various Corporate Sectors
  • Educational Institutes
  • Research Associates with Economic Consulting Firms
  • Import/Export Companies
  • Indian Civil Services
  • Finance, Commerce & the Banking Sectors
  • Insurance Industry
  • Customs Department
  • Indian Statistical Services
  • Indian Economic Services


  • Genpact
  • WNS Global Services
  • Wipro Technologies Ltd.
  • Tata Motors
  • Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL)
  • National Small Industries Corporation Limited (NSIC)
  • Heavy Engineering Corporation Limited (HEC Ltd)

Why choose Distance M.Com Education in Mohali?

  • Established track record in the pedagogy of Distance M.Com Education in Mohali
  • 24×7 Learning Management System
  • Comprehensive and specialized Programme curriculum covering latest advance & emerging trends
  • Contents developed by professionals from academia and industry
  • E-Learning, e-study books, e-mentoring and faculty interaction (chats/emails)
  • Learning by Virtual Classroom
  • The dynamic online evaluation system
  • Experiential learning by way of project work/case studies
  • Distance M.Com Education in Mohali provides an opportunity for interaction with subject experts and networking with stakeholders

"Distance M.Com Education in Mohali"

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