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Join our PPC Training in Kharar designed by real-time experts, complete certification, and work on Live-projects to gain the much-needed practical knowledge and maximize fulfillment. After the PPC course, you are in a position to create your PPC campaigns to reach your business goals and stand out in today’s fiercely competitive online marketplace.

PPC Training in Kharar, First of all, we’ll get an introduction to Pay per Click is an essential part of digital marketing and it also helps to get traffic instantly towards a website. Hence, if you need your site to get a fast influx, it is a wise idea that you go for Google Adwords Certification Training In Kharar. However, you will have to know the basics relevant to it, and this is one of the best reasons for which you should get Pay per Click training from the Best PPC Training Institute in Kharar.

PPC training in Kharar, and we have been offering a broad array of PPC training programs at our PPC institute. This kind of training is a new branch that we have begun afresh, because we want to train students in other areas of internet marketing, as well. PPC Training Center in Kharar made this course in a very useful and short manner and after completion of the PPC course, learners can easily take the job with a handsome salary. We have experienced and talented trainers who provide the best class PPC Training in Kharar.

What is PPC?

Google Ads is the Online Advertising Platform of Google where Advertisers offer keywords to display their Ads on Search Engines. Google Ads training course helps to build Smart Campaigns which helps to get more ROI for the Business.

PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising allows your businesses to reach an audience by running campaigns through sponsored ads on search engines. Whether you’re seeing to bring in a new website visitor, grow online sales, get the phones ringing or keep consumers coming back for more, Google AdWords can help. Your business receives found by people on Google search specifically when they are seeking the things that you offer. Google AdWords makes you maintain your campaign by yourself.

PPC Training in Kharar provides a complete knowledge of the internal workings of this Search Engine Marketing mechanism, with special attention on the Pay per Click training program. Having attained a name as the PPC Training Institute in Kharar, we promise you the expertise that you need to create internet-based ads that impact rather than those that just deliver to sell products worldwide.

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Course Content for PPC Training in Kharar

Introduction – Success with AdWord Campaigns

  • Introduction to Pay Per Click
  • Advantages of PPC
  • Entities Involved in PPC Advertising
  • BluePrint of a PPC Ad
  • Properties of a Compelling PPC Ad
  • General Formula for Calculating PPC
  • Landing Pages

Introduction to landing pages

  • Types of Landing pages
  • Creating Niche targeted Landing Pages
  • Quality Score Defines Your Success

What Quality Score & its importance

  • How High Should Your Quality Score Ranking?
  • Google Lets the Users Rank Your Google Ads by CTR
  • How You Can search Out the Quality Score of Your Keywords
  • How You Can Ensure a High-Quality Score
  • Landing Page Quality Score Guidelines
  • Adword billing Account and Campaign Structure

Building the Account

  • Prepay Budget
  • Post-pay Budget
  • Billing Method
  • Monthly Invoicing
  • Keyword Grouping
  • Adwords Tools

Keyword Tool

  • IP Exclusion
  • Traffic Estimator
  • Insights for Search
  • Ads Diagnostics Tool
  • The Google Ad Words Universe

Google Search Partners

  • Google Display Network
  • Google Video Network
  • Google Apps Network
  • Google Product
  • Mobile Ad network
  • Knowing About Settings in Google Search AdWords

Locations and Languages

  • Networks and Devices
  • Bidding and Budget
  • Delivery Method (Advanced)
  • Ad Extensions
  • Location Extension Example
  • Call Extension Example
  • Advanced Settings
  • Ad Delivery: Ad Rotation, Frequency Capping
  • Advanced Settings for Google Ad Words Search Campaign


  • Bidding and Budget
  • Ad Extensions
  • Advanced Settings
  • Importance of Keywords

Broad Match Keywords

  • Broad Match Modifier
  • Phrase Match
  • Exact Match
  • Keyword Research
  • Let Google Work for You
  • Optimizing Negative Keywords

How Do Negative Keywords Work?

  • Sculpt Your Campaigns with Negative Keywords
  • Building a Great Negative Keyword List
  • How Do You Add Negative Keywords?
  • Google Ad Words Campaign Tracking

Google Ad Words Conversion Tracking

  • Linking with Google Analytics
  • Importing Goals from Google Analytics
  • Ad Words Search Funnel
  • Bid Management and Daily Budget

How to Fix the Right Bid the First Time

  • The Ad Words Auction
  • Determining Your Daily Budget
  • Small Trick for Campaigns
  • Ad Group Level vs. Keyword Level Bid Management
  • Landing Pages–The Google Ad Words Extension

Test Your Current Landing Pages

  • Replicate Successful Ads and Their Wording
  • General Landing Page Advice
  • Remember Your Quality Score
  • Optimizing Adwords Campaigns

It’s All One Big A/B Test

  • How Much Time Do You Need?
  • Ad Optimization
  • Bid Management
  • Expanding Your Keyword List
  • Negative Keywords
  • Include Current Offers and
  • Quality Score Optimization
  • Importance of Conversion Tracking
  • The Adwords Interface
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  • Ad Extensions
  • Dimensions
  • Which Metrics Do You Require in Your Ad Words Interface?
  • Features in the Ad Words Interface
    Adwords Editor
  • Introduction & Importance of Adword editor

MCC Account in G

Google Ad Words

  • How Do You Get an MCC Account?

Why should you learn PPC or Google Ads?

The job possibilities in this field are many as the world is completely changing from an older style of marketing to digital.

  • Most Organizations & Individuals are now more dependent on Digital media.
  • we have maintained our brand value and name for 6 years
  • PPC is one of the fastest-growing careers in India and of course across the world
  • As per the market statistics, there will be more than 2 lack of PPC jobs

Benefits of PPC Advertising

The benefits of PPC for small businesses from a business view so that you can decide if this is something to use as part of your search engine marketing strategy.

Fast Results
Businesses require results and they want them fast. PPC is possibly the fastest way to run an advertising campaign and get instant results. To clarify things, if you have a website up and running you can instantly create an Adwords account, set up your ads and run them in the Google network, and begin getting traffic.

Measurable results
Another important benefit of PPC is that everything you do has a clear measured target. You can measure anything relevant to a PPC campaign from costs, profits, views, clicks, visits, and many more.

Reach the right audience
When running a PPC campaign you pick where and when your ads will seem based on several factors including keywords, location, website, device, time and date, and much more. This flexibility provides you to segment your market and bring your goods and services in front of the right audience.

Brand recognition
You can use PPC to target keywords relevant to your industry so that people seeking those keywords will constantly see your ads. Although general keywords will not make more sales, indirectly they help you increase brand awareness and build your business as an authority and leader in your industry.

Career Opportunities after PPC Training in Kharar

PPC Executive –
Pay-per-click regards to paid advertising over the internet. It is generally done via Google AdWords or Bing Ads. Promoters have to pay the fee every time whenever their adverts are ticked. PPC executives use their skills to guide on how to improve the PPC campaign results. If you are a PPC executive you can work from home, both in the marketing area and in an institution or a specialist PPC or digital agency.

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PPC Account Manager –

The PPC Account Manager has to work within the campaign execution team. The manager will also be responsible for regular bid management. They also examine the optimization of paid search campaigns across all the networks and Google channels.

PC Professionals –
PPC Professionals is searching for a Freelance PPC/SEM Analyst to work on a short-term project for an international travel firm. The contract period may range from 30 days to 120 days. You must be allowed to commute to our Fort Lauderdale office at least 20 hours per week. The perfect candidate will thrive in an entrepreneurial and non-layered environment. We’re seeing for someone who is driven, very intelligent, proactive, detail-oriented, and attractive with a can-do attitude and who can multi-task many projects and tasks related to searching engine marketing.

PPC Analyst –
The duties of a PPC Analyst are not changed as compared to the PPC executive but the pressure of responsibilities increases. A PPC analyst must have the excitement to experiment with new things and be successful with them. The PPC analyst knows what is relevant, what is working, and whatnot.

SEM Executive –
SEM Experts are also known as search marketing strategists, they work on behalf of companies. The main aim of SEM executive is to make the website seem in the top results of search engines and other channels.

Google AdWords Manager –
Google AdWords manager run the campaign, performance, and advertising expenses, and improve the overall result. A talented, AdWords manager help companies in achieving all the advertising goals within a budget and the desired timeline.

Why you choose us for PPC Training in Kharar?

  • PPC Training in Kharar Provide Google Adwords account and Setup done by students
  • Live Ad Campaign Creation and practice by Students
  • Analysis of Ad Copy and Optimization by learners with help of Instructor
  • Resume Preparation for Fresher/ Experience experts
  • Our Trainer has more than 10 Yrs of Experience in PPC
  • PPC Training Center in Kharar provide Adwords Interview Questions & Answers
  • Help For PPC certification with 100% Pass rate
  • We conduct a batch with a max of 3 members only

"PPC Training in Kharar"

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