Top 5 Distance Education Study Centres in Chandigarh

Top 5 Distance Education Study Centres in Chandigarh – The prevalence of Distance Education has been established through researches conducted by alleged researching groups. It has appeared to be one of the most thriving Education strategies that have supported numerous learners and working experts to get the paths of progress.

If you are looking for some good Distance Education Study Centres in Chandigarh, then we have made a list of Top 5 Distance Education Study Centres in Chandigarh.

Here are the Top 5 Distance Education Study Centres in Chandigarh

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1st out of Top 5 Distance Education Study Centres in Chandigarh

Chandigarh University

Chandigarh Distance University is a well-established and one of the most elegant universities that are giving distance education for the last several years. It is located in Chandigarh and it was built in the year 2012. Their distance education courses are accredited by University Grants Commission Distance Education Board (UGC-DEB). The university is also certified by NAAC with A+ Grade Estimation. Also, Chandigarh University has been granted as Asia’s fastest-growing private university.

Contact details of Chandigarh University

Address: NH-95 Chandigarh-Ludhiana Highway, Mohali, Chandigarh

College Phone Number: 1800121288800

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2nd out of Top 5 Distance Education Study Centres in Chandigarh


ISBM covers a path to early progress in life through its fast-track short-term correspondence programs. These courses consist of ideas and case investigations that give wide exposure to related business thoughts and management specifics. This encourages them to get started as Managers by improving their fertility, ability to form business policies, procedures, and their suggestions for the organization.

ISBM was founded in 1992 by a well-known NGO Aeren Foundation. It is also listed among the top ten International B-Schools that give management education through correspondence. ISBM has over 100 specializations and administration plans to take from ISBM is an NGO working its way to leading people in the most distant edges of not only India but the world in giving Correspondence programs in the management area, with specifically designed courses for working experts; from Diploma in management courses to the Doctorate and Laureate level. At ISBM, the courses are created for those who have a passionate desire to seek a career in business and management. The students will get changed without interrupting their current career improvement and getting.

Contact details of ISBM

Address: SCO NO. 271, 1st Floor, Sector 32 D, opposite Nirman Theatre, Chandigarh, 160032

College Phone Number: +91-89281-11111

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3rd out of Top 5 Distance Education Study Centres in Chandigarh


LPU utilizes a technology-driven blended system of delivery to give its different Distance Education Programmes at Masters’s, Bachelors’s, Post Graduate Diploma, and Diploma levels to different levels of the community including learners, experts, entrepreneurs, housewives, workers, and self-motivators. Terms of exhaustive Online Support also including Self Learning Material (Study Material) for specific subjects, is performed through LPU e-Connect (Online Learning Management System) for the facilitation of the students. Additionally, Personal Contact Programmes are conducted for certain courses. Different individual characteristic of LPU DE is that learners of Distance Education get chances to engage in certain university experiences.

Contact details of LPU

Address: SCO: 134-135-136, Second Floor, Above Axis Bank, Sector 34A, Chandigarh, 160022

College Phone Number: +91-98765-43900

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4th out of Top 5 Distance Education Study Centres in Chandigarh

University School of Open Learning

The University School of Open Learning (Formerly identified as Department of Correspondence Studies), Panjab University was founded in 1971. The goal was to bring university-based education surpassing the four walls of the University. It proceeds to take so and achieves a prime social burden of giving education at the doorstep for those who are incapable to obtain a formal education. Begun as a Directorate, it is now a full-fledged USOL with due design on all University materials.

Recommended by a well-qualified, scientific-oriented staff and experienced staff, the USOL gives various programs i.e. Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Diploma, and Professional Courses. Some innovative and culturally relevant Programs such as Certificate Course diploma in Human Rights.

The method of preparation involves printed study matter in Self Learning Mode, Personal Contact Programme, Answer Sheets, Assignments, Video and Audio- cassette Exercises on chosen topics, Dissertations/Projects in picked courses and Counseling of learners on a one to one basis, establishing Regional and National Seminars and Special Lecture Series.

To provide to the masses, for most programs, the printed study material is presented in English, Hindi, and Punjabi. In appreciation, the USOL gives a variety of student assistance services. These carry a well-equipped Library, postal library abilities. The USOL also includes the students in co-curricular projects and brings them together on a shared platform despite their different locations.

It is the constant Endeavour of the USOL to add new and relevant programs and travel and adopt e-learning to grasp more and develop more. Its multi-faculty includes 50 teachers including the Chairperson.

The Field of study, the syllabi, duration, and fashion of examinations are the same as directed for regular scholars of University Teaching Departments/Colleges affiliated to the Panjab University.

The capsule teaching program creates printed speech scripts, personal contact programs (wherein appearance is not required), radio talks, audio.

Contact details of University School of Open Learning

Address: Address: Suraj Bhan Hall, Near Guru Tegh Bahadur Bhawan, Panjab University, Sector 14, Chandigarh, 160014

College Phone Number: +91-17225-34301

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5th out of Top 5 Distance Education Study Centres in Chandigarh

Rayat-Bahra University

Rayat-Bahra University gives a choice-based adaptable learning system, allowing an interdisciplinary way for students to study at their own pace and take electives from other available programs as well as to bring up some additional/value-added ways to improve their abilities/employability. In addition, the university gives several courses that work as a platform and previous tools to narrow the gap needed for graduate studies.

To become the chief in the area of transformative education and improve learning where they can generate world-class value-specific, skilled, and rational human capital and enable the students to meet their passion for various academic and professional chases.

Rayat-Bahra University shall give an advanced, adequate, and sufficient moment platform with accessible and affordable education centers for every applicant learner to get practical and hands-on experience to face in the global market, maintaining his/her artistic roots and uses intact.

Contact details of Rayat-Bahra University

Address: Chandigarh-Ropar NH 205, Greater Mohali, Chandigarh

College Phone Number: +91-16050-09675

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What is Distance Education?

Distance Education is described as education between a teacher and students when they are divided by physical distance and connection is performed by one or more technological media.

Different Types of Distance Learning

Distance learning has evolved greatly since the days of correspondence learning in which the learner would get course matters including textbooks and other program materials by mail. Learners would then work entirely at their personal pace, completing the program according to their work and life plan. Although correspondence programs still exist, they are fast being renewed by Distance Learning, which offers instruction from teachers, communication with other students, and a conference for feedback.

Open Schedule Online Courses

With open schedule online programs, students are given the greatest number of freedom. This is an asynchronous form of education in which students are given Internet-based textbooks, mailing lists, email, and bulletin committees to finish their coursework.

At the start of classes, the student is equipped with a collection of deadlines but is permitted to work at their own speed as long as the job is set in by the deadline. This kind of learning is great for students who work well independently and those who do not procrastinate.

Hybrid Distance Learning

Hybrid courses connect contemporary and asynchronous education to build a composition in which the learner is expected to appear at a particular time in a classroom or Internet chat room. However, they are permitted to create assignments on their own time and may pass them in by an online forum. This choice is sometimes given when a university lacks enough space to hold all its course contents.

Computer-Based Distance Learning

The main difference between computer-based learning and hybrid learning is that students are not allowed an open schedule. They are expected to appear in a particular computer lab or a classroom at a selected time each week.

Fixed Time Online Courses

The most popular kind of distance learning today is fixed-time plans. As the title states, these courses are surely online, but students are expected to log in to their online learning site at a particular time. Although they are fully online, the format continues contemporary because necessary live chats are often asked.

Benefits of Distance Education

Adaptability and Freedom

One of the main benefits of distance learning can be the personalized way to get an education despite the channels or tools you are using for this goal.

Whether you are getting study materials online or by posts you can learn only when a relationship is formed between the material of the program and you. You get the right to administer the study material in the distance learning method. You can design your education process at your convenience instead of taking it with a proposed schedule.


Distance learning helps you to drive yourself to get due to the lack of a regular teacher to guide you. You will have to build a learning environment and manage it effectively so that a collection of self-motivation grows in you to encourage you to get for your own growth. You can promote this band by involving yourself in distance learning programs.

Flexibility to Choose

You will have to serve a set schedule of studying as per the curriculum of the school if you are succeeding in old ways of learning. But different kinds of distance learning enable you to set your education schedule as per your preference without following a daily schedule of learning. Even if you are out of impact with the education process, a distance learning program gives you the versatility to take your course of learning.

Easy to Access

If you cannot serve regular classes due to many reasons like time pressures and distance etc. then distance learning can be the most desirable option for you to obtain the advantages of your education. If you opt for a correspondence course then you will have to make mail delivery as a relationship between you and your distance learning hub. But if you have a computer and internet link then you can opt for a distance learning method by applying some video conferencing software. It will enable you to communicate with your teachers face-to-face to fix your problems. Moreover, you can extend learning even without getting leave from your job.

Earn While You Learn

For those who desire to enhance their resume by taking higher education and without breaking their current job then distance learning can be the best choice for them. You can go on making your livelihood along with increasing your ability as distance learning will help both, learning as well as earning.

Saves Money and Time Both

By following a distance learning program you can save money and time given to traveling to the nearby educational institutes. Distance learning allows you to reach your learning center online without any extra cost. Moreover, the course provided at distance learning cities is more affordable than the courses provided at regular education cities.

Easy Access to the Experts

The students in regular classes have limited opportunities to guide them but distance learning by video conferencing will give you expanded chances to access the specialists in your course even if they are not found in your town or country. They can simply get attached to you from any part of the world to give their expertise and skills to you. Such an ability is not desirable in traditional classrooms.

Communicate with Other Educational Institutions

You can also be in perception with several other e-schools by taking distance learning through video conferencing software. You can also connect with the learners located at far places from you, anywhere in the world, to jointly share the skills and difficulties along with solving problems of each other.

Distance learning through video conferencing also enables you to set your interactive experiences by collaborating with others from different business environments and practices. Such facilities will not be available in the traditional classroom education system.

Virtual Trips

Another great choice for distance learning is to design virtual trips if your budget does not enable you to go on tours from an original school. Video conferencing provides students of distance learning programs to visit the location necessary for them and feel the enjoyment even better than an original trip. These virtual trips enable you to visit places that you might have never imagined. Moreover, such tours can let your teachers or lecturers make your ordinary lessons more enjoyable than ever.


The above list of Top 5 Distance Education Study Centres in Chandigarh has been chosen by us. Although every attempt has been taken to record your details, we still advise you to interact with the department.

This list will help you with the names of the Top 5 Distance Education Study Centres in Chandigarh. We will advise you not to make any decision based on this record. You require to communicate with some instructors and decide for yourself – which one you will love the most.

If you believe we have manipulated any of the Top 5 Distance Education Study Centres in Chandigarh. Please tell us of it. We are convinced we would be happy to list it. If you want any of the above Distance Education Study Centres to be eliminated from the list due to bad performance. However, the option to add or eliminate any study center is up to us. And to think so is to serve the best way.

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