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MA Distance Education

Distance MA Education in Chandigarh is a 2-year post-graduate course which consists of 4 semesters of study. Anyone with a bachelor’s degree 10+2 format can choose this course. Education graduates have many Chances both in the private and government sectors.

Distance MA Education in Chandigarh is available to students both in distance and full-time education mode. Distance MA Education in Chandigarh’s syllabus is theoretical and focuses more on the development of the education curriculum and education policies.

MA Correspondence Education in Chandigarh is perfect for all people who have an interest in understanding the important role of education in our everyday lives and especially the links between education, society, and students of all ages. It’s no.1 degree for all who would like to take steps into the academic sector and every one current practitioner who would like to increase more their information within the sector of teaching and learning. Distance MA Education in Chandigarh is largely a theoretical course that concentrates on the basic information of theory and follows academic thought and processes assembled around the discipline of education.


The Master of Arts in Distance Education (MADE) is an integrated program of two years duration. This program has been designed to develop human resources in various specialized areas of Distance Education.

The Course ideology is based upon the concepts for giving education simply and easily for the students with the help of technology and Conceptual techniques. For MA Education, it is required that the candidate completes in Minimum 2-Years and Maximum 5-Years of duration. This time can vary as per the different institution policies and syllabus. There are various job opportunities available after the successful completion of the course. The admission process for the MA Education varies across institutions.

A student after completing five courses in the first year can obtain a Post Graduate Diploma in Distance Education (PGDDE) degree and after completing another five courses in the second year can be awarded a Master of Arts in Distance Education (MADE) degree. MADE program is of a minimum of two years and a maximum of six years duration. MADE has been on offer since the January 2012 cycle. Those who will be admitted to MADE two years program may decide to complete five courses in the first year and may get an exit with PGDDE if so desire. Those who have earlier completed DDE/PGDDE can have a lateral entry for the second year (from January 2013 onwards) and after completion of the program may claim a MADE degree.

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An undergraduate degree gives a candidate the knowledge of a certain subject. MA Education teaches candidates about how to impose that knowledge you gained to your students. Obtaining Advanced degrees in teaching also accompanies the experience. Candidates who will be pursuing this degree will have the opportunity to teach in a live classroom setting under the supervision of an experienced teacher. Due to this after graduating from a particular college or university a candidate can attain a great experience with teaching.

MA Education Distance Learning Admission:

Master of Arts in Education is a postgraduate course whose period is mostly two years with four Semesters. The Duration and therefore the semester system might vary as per institutes rules and regulations. Distance MA Education in Chandigarh is available in Regular and Correspondence mode of education. A student can take online and offline mode also available, but it depends on the university. If students are eligible they can get admission easily.

The Course Structure of distance MA Degree

As mentioned above, it is a two-year degree program where the prospective students will learn about different subjects. So, let’s have a look at the structure of the MA Distance Education course which is given below:

First Year

  • Introduction of distance education, students will study the basics of economics, about drama and music which are related to media, about open universities and Distance Education.

Second Year

  • In the second-year course, we teach students about technology and distance education, about online and virtual distance education, research about distance education, and master thesis.

Why choose M.A Correspondence Courses in Chandigarh?

Often when employers lookout for a job that requires specialization they search for an individual holding M.A Correspondence Courses in Chandigarh in the particular discipline. The Distance M.A degree holder is sure to get a job having a high salary and even it acts as a foundation course for obtaining a Ph.D. In the recent years, the arena disciplines of M.A Correspondence Courses in Chandigarh has expanded so far that nowadays in various off the grid discipline Distance M.A are even offered, which further expands the job prospects.

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Great Benefits of Choosing MA Correspondence

Distance MA Education in Chandigarh offers a wider and more comprehensive understanding of education as a field of knowledge and serves the varied needs of a learner. It offers a higher level of specialization in specific aspects of education. It develops professionals for effective participation in different dimensions of education. One can pursue further higher studies like M.Phil. and Ph.D. degree programs. The Course meets the growing demand for experts in the fields of educational planning, teaching, and training at primary, secondary, and tertiary education levels. New and emerging fields of educational management and administration also require the services of MA. (education) graduates.

  • MA Education Eligibility: – For the Distance MA Education in Chandigarh students should pass minimum graduation. The course is meant to be completed by a candidate during a minimum of two years and during most of five years, this point amount might vary.
  • A Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline which includes Physical Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities, Engineering, Medicine, Agriculture, Environmental Sciences, Commerce, Management, etc. from a recognized university with 50% marks. This Percentage Requirement may vary from Institute to Institute.
  • Some Institutions take direct admission based on graduation level performance but most of the institutions take entrance exams of their particular university.

Besides this, what are the amazing benefits if students will go for Distance MA Education in Chandigarh? Well, all the benefits are listed below:

Outperform Classroom Teaching

  • Well, this is the quality of our offered MA distance learning course as students will not need any physical classroom or even physical content. This is because classroom teaching is flexible and much better than land-based classrooms.

Individual Attention

  • In a classroom, the teacher will not be able to give personal attention to every student but with virtual classes, students will get personal attention from the experienced teachers where they can ask any doubt regarding the lessons.

Get Content on I-Pads and I-Phone

  • We have technical staff who know how to utilize technology for the betterment of students. That’s why we provide them proper reading content on their I-phones and I-pads. In this way, students will be able to read and study anywhere and they don’t need to carry on heavy books and bags.
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Students Will Learn Real-World Skills

  • Although students will get lessons through the virtual world, we still teach students a set of skills that will be effective in the real world. Mainly, we provide them practical knowledge along with theoretical knowledge.

What is the Future Scope for MA Education?

Distance MA Education in Chandigarh allows them to be hired for teaching students up to graduation level. The future scope of this program is never-ending. Whatever the time comes and goes, Teachers will be required for teaching in various sectors. This course completion enables all horizons to open. The various types of job opportunities available for a graduate in MA Education are High School Teacher, Elementary School Teacher, Program Manager, Administrative Assistant, Student Services Coordinator, Director of Education Operations, Educator, and Education Training Manager.

MA Education Jobs and Salary

The Distance MA Education in Chandigarh has been planned to deal with the rising demand for experts in the fields of teaching and training at different levels of education, including administration and management of education. After successful completion of the course, candidates who are interested in further studies in the discipline may select for pursuing M.Phil. Or a Ph.D. as a higher qualification.

Candidates who go for higher degrees are professionally in charge of developing academic curricular or serving as educational administrators, counselors, or researchers in the field of education. They are hired in capacities such as Lecturer, Professor, School Teacher, and Private Tutor, Education Consultant, Education Counselors, Vice Principal, Principal, etc.

Some of the most common areas of employment for such professionals are Coaching Centers, Education Consultancies, Education Department, Home Tuitions, Museums, Private Tuitions, Publishing Houses, Research and Development Agencies, Schools, etc.

What makes our M.A Correspondence program different?

  • Rich interaction and networking opportunities
  • Diverse virtual expert assistance
  • Get access to video clips for each topic.
  • Integrated curriculum
  • High-quality support assistance.
  • Unique residency experiences
  • 24X7 e-library, Study material access & fellow students connectivity.
  • Grievance Redress cell support mechanism.
  • Online Faculty Experts classes & Doubt Clearance Sessions.

"Distance MA Education in Chandigarh"

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