Diploma in Web Designing Course In Chandigarh & Mohali

Diploma in Web Designing Course In Chandigarh & Mohali

Web Designing Training Institute

Diploma in Web Designing in Chandigarh & Mohali is one of the leading Web Design Training Institute. Get enrolled with a Diploma in Web designing course in Chandigarh & Mohali and design your websites using CSS, Bootstrap, HTML, JQuery and get placed as top-notch web designers at various MNC and IT Solutions all over the world. Complete web design training is one of the all the inclusive programs which entails every essential markup language and programming for designing websites which includes high-quality attributes as well as develop a website in photoshop. This way helps to acknowledge the target audiences effectively and design the website as per their satisfaction, and comfort.

Diploma in Web Designing Course in Chandigarh & Mohali offers training on a series of client-side and server-side programming languages, the techniques to create websites with more responsiveness thereby results in higher user engagement. The programming languages covered in Diploma in Web Designing Course in Chandigarh & Mohali syllabus are scalable and can be used comfortably while designing any web applications. It is easy also to serve web pages and write codes. The one estimate approach for user-friendly designing is making use of the photoshop for designing the website. Our experts train them to utilize photoshop for creating the look and layout of the website. It offers the candidates a better understanding of the tools and effects for the right results.

Diploma in web design course from Diploma in Web Designing Course in Chandigarh & Mohali is comprehensive and therefore suitable from the initial level beginners to the advanced learners. Our practice can be chosen by mobile app developers, software engineers, candidates with technical background, system engineers, and web application developers. Diploma in web design training in Chandigarh & Mohali is based on all the latest skills and trends required by the present IT industry. The training syllabus is prepared by industry professionals who have good knowledge, skills, and experience in the web design industry. It is being prepared to solve and meet the daily challenges faced in promoting services and products. Our diploma in web designing course will help the candidates to get real-time learning on live projects and real-life examples which will help in making the candidate an expert web designer.

What is the Diploma in Web Designing Course?

Web Design is the science and art of creating the feel, look, and how a website is getting functioned in a nutshell. Having an easy to use, concise, and clear website will guide to a good user experience for your targeted consumers and audience. There are various successful web design aspects like colors, text size, HTML, layouts, graphics, and more.

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Diploma in Web Designing is a Diploma Course that offers education about Web Designing. Web Designing is a specialized field of IT in which skills needed for designing a website and related elements are involved. Web design diploma is designed to offer optimal information and skills for working on various software that enables the aspirants to design a website. The duration of the course varies from institute to institute. The one offered by computer institutes is of shorter duration whereas those provided by colleges and universities are of longer duration.

Diploma in Web Designing Eligibility

  • 10th Pass or 10+2 or its equivalent examination from an authorized board.
  • Some institutes do not provide any age limit for the diploma.
  • Basic knowledge of computers and the internet is beneficial.

The curriculum of Diploma in Web Designing Course in Chandigarh & Mohali

Understanding HTML4 & HTML5

  • What is a Markup Language?
  • Basic Structure of HTML
  • Head Section and Elements
  • Meta Tags
  • External Link Tags
  • HTML Structure Tags
  • Create Table, Div, and Frame Tag
  • Content and Header Tags
  • Paragraph, Span, Pre Tags
  • Anchor Links and Named Anchors
  • Object, Iframe, and Image Tag
  • Implementing iFrame in Realtime
  • Working with Forms
  • Form Tag and Attributes
  • POST and GET Method
  • Text Input, TextArea, Checkbox and Radio
  • Password Field
  • Select Option, Option Group
  • File Field and Hidden Fields
  • Submit, Reset, Image Buttons
  • The relation between HTML Form and PHP
  • What is XHTML
  • Difference between HTML & XHTML
  • XHTML Basics
  • Introduction to Doc Types
  • XHTML Validation
  • HTML5 (Latest Version)
  • Introduction to HTML5
  • What’s new in HTML5?
  • HTML5 Apis
  • HTML5 Semantic Tag
  • HTML5 Multimedia
  • Search, Email, and Url Tel Input

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS2 & CSS3)

  • Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets
  • Types of Style Sheets
  • Media Type
  • Default CSS Properties
  • Types of CSS Selectors
  • Adjacent Sibling Selector
  • Other Selectors
  • CSS properties
  • Type Properties
  • Background Properties
  • Block Properties
  • Box Model Properties
  • List Properties
  • Border Properties
  • Positioning Properties
  • CSS Optimization Tips
  • CSS Compression
  • (CSS 3.0 – Latest Version)
  • Introduction to CSS 3
  • Basic CSS3 Selectors
  • Advanced CSS3 Selectors
  • New CSS3 Properties
  • CSS Rounded Corners
  • Border Image
  • Box and Text Shadow
  • Multiple Backgrounds
  • Background Origin
  • Background Resize
  • CSS Clip, Gradients, Opacity
  • Transitions & Transform


  • Bootstrap Setup
  • Benefits of Bootstrap
  • Basics of Bootstrap
  • Project Design Using Bootstrap

Java Script

  • Introduction to Client-Side Scripting
  • Introduction to Java Script
  • Javascript Types
  • Variables in JS
  • Operators in JS
  • Conditions Statements
  • Java Script Loops
  • JS Popup Boxes
  • JS Events
  • JS Arrays
  • Working with Arrays
  • JS Objects
  • JS Functions
  • Using JavaScript in Realtime
  • Validation of Forms
  • Related Examples

Jquery and jQuery UI

  • Introduction to jQuery
  • jQuery Features
  • Installing jQuery
  • jQuery Syntax
  • jQuery Ready Function
  • jQuery Selectors
  • jQuery Actions
  • jQuery Custom Functionality
  • jQuery Libraries
  • jQuery Validation
  • jQuery Slideshow
  • jQuery Dropdown
  • JS Functions
  • jQuery UI
  • Working with jQueryUI
  • jQuery Accordions
  • jQuery Tabs
  • jQuery Tooltips
  • jQuery Autocomplete
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Hosting First Website

  • Web Hosting Basics
  • Types of Hosting Packages
  • Registering domains
  • Defining Name Servers
  • Using Control Panel
  • Creating Emails in Cpanel
  • Using FTP Client
  • Maintaining a Website

Jobs after Diploma in Web Designing Course?

Web Designer: A Web Designer is responsible for designing the design and layout of a website or web page. It and can mean working on a brand new website or improving an already existing site. However, there can be a crossover between the two roles. Responsibilities of the job involved creating website designs, producing sample sites, and keeping up-to-date with recent technological and software developments. Also, they made products that are user-friendly, effective, and appealing.

Graphic Designer: A Graphic Designer works on a variety of products and activities, like websites, advertising, books, magazines, posters, computer games, product packaging, exhibitions and displays, corporate communications, and corporate identity, i.e. giving organizations a visual ‘brand’. They work according to briefs agreed to, with the client, creative director, or account manager, and develop innovative ideas and concepts. The media and style have to be chosen to meet the client’s aims.

Digital Imaging Specialist: Digital Imaging Specialists source images from digital originals or prints, or scanned film. Pictures are then output as digital files or printed using a variety of printing articles. There is also various work in the restoration of old photographs. Digital Imaging Specialists may be involved in the logging and cataloging of images.

Multimedia Scriptwriter: Multimedia Writers contribute to arrange used or seen daily by millions of people, from video games to educational programs to smartphone apps. Their tasks can vary from writing the text for an internet marketing campaign to creating storylines for computer games. Multimedia Writers combine creativity and technology. Along with writing online and other interactive content, they may work with Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software, video and photo editing scheme, and web development software. These professionals typically require a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design or the same field.

Synergetic Designer: Using text, data, graphics, sound, animation, and other digital visual effects, creative Designers may work on projects such as internet sites, electronic games, online learning material, and Creative television. They generally work in a product development team, which may involve helping to develop a client brief, preparing rough design concepts, and using industry-standard graphics and multimedia software packages. Also, they produce separate visuals for each page, design hypertext links, and animated menus, and write codes and test the performance of the end product.

Producer: Producers play a main role in the television, film, and video industries. In this role, they oversee each project from conception to completion and may also be included in the marketing and distribution procedure. They arrange to fund for each project and keep the production within the granted budget.

Content Writer Web Designing: A Web Designing Writer grows lesson plans, produces articles and textbooks for aspirants of all ages, and prepares material for online educational sites, involving e-books and pamphlets. They must control the information suitable to the learners’ knowledge base and convey that information in easy-to-understand language.

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Translator/ Content Writer: Much servicing organization recruit language professionals for tasks like translating, content writing, etc.

Job assistant after Diploma in Web Designing Course in Chandigarh & Mohali

  • Diploma in Web Designing Course in Chandigarh & Mohali is one of the top web designing & web development training provider.
  • We provide 100% job assistance after the completion of the course.
  • Get the best Diploma in web designing course in Chandigarh & Mohali. All our web designing experts are very experienced IT professionals and love to share their practical knowledge with the students.
  • This course is fitted to meet all levels of student requirements. Our web designing trainers understand the fresher’s & working expert’s needs very well.
  • Our trainers will ensure you will learn & understand all attributes of the web designing & development course content. They offer one to one care by listening to each student. We will ensure you will be secure a job with at least Rs15,000 per month in the web designing & web development field after completing the course.

Why us for Diploma in Web Designing Course in Chandigarh & Mohali?

Diploma in Web Designing Course in Chandigarh & Mohali is one of the leading Web designing training institutes. Our web designing training course is given by experienced amenity who have more than ten years of experience in the MNC sector. They have enough submission in the field of web designing. We at Senelda believe in offering the students a more practical approach to make the students more confident. Over the years Diploma in Web designing institute in Mohali has established itself as one of the premium web designing institutes. Having 12 years of experience in the Web domain with Object-Oriented Programming experience and good knowledge of advanced language features in Core Java, JDBC, Servlets, JSP, JSTL, JavaScript, Ajax, Hibernate, Android and Web services, PHP, SSL certificate installation

  • Trained more than 1000+ students on Web Design
  • 5-star rating from all our students.
  • Having good experience developing a web application with the latest technologies.
  • Detail-oriented, with show communication and analytical skills; can handle various tasks to meet deadlines in pressure situations.
  • Outstanding training delivery skills with the ability to show information well.
  • Verifiable experience of being student-focused and completing projects to
  • Creating excellent websites for the clients
  • Managing Social Media, Email Marketing, and Mobile Marketing Campaigns.
  • Managing Business daily operations run smoothly with leading the team managing Business daily operations run smoothly with leading the teams
  • Analyzing website structure according to SEO friendly rules.
  • Designed website pages SEO friendly.
  • Analyzing and improving business keywords in search engines.
  • Responsible for website related updates.
  • 100% job placement

"Diploma in Web Designing Course In Chandigarh & Mohali"

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