Distance B.Com Education in Ambala

Distance B.Com Education in Ambala

B.Com or Bachelor of Commerce is one of the popular undergraduate courses in commerce. This commerce degree is specially intended to build managerial and competence skills. Students pursuing a Distance B.Com Education in Ambala have great opportunities to improve their personality skills. Correspondence B.Com Education in Ambala degree is highly approved by all the universities in India. Pursuing the BCom correspondence at Distance B.Com Education in Ambala gives you various benefits.

People from different places in India as well as all over the world select B.Com correspondence in Ambala because there are many advantages. The curriculum of Distance B.Com Education in Ambala is three years. Studying in Correspondence B.Com Education in Ambala is really a great advantage and after completing distance education BCom a broad range of opportunities will be waiting for students.

Pursuing an education in the third-largest city in India is really the most excellent advantage because after completing Distance B.Com Education in Ambala students have a great opportunity of getting placed in popular organizations. It is very easy to pursue a correspondence degree at Correspondence B.Com Education in Ambala because while studying the correspondence course, one can easily take care of employment opportunities and have an advantage of earning while studying.

What is B.Com Course?

B.Com is an undergraduate degree program in commerce particularly designed to help the learners in the learning of accounts, banking, taxes, statistics, finance, etc. B.Com degree builds competency in aspirants to pursue business and entrepreneurship in the future. Usually, people working in accounts, pursue this degree from Distance B.Com Education in Ambala to accomplish their qualification. Those who finish their degree in three years, often start working as an accountant to traverse higher positions ahead.

Every company needs an accountant to hold track of the profit & loss of their company. Without proper calculation of accounts, no business can survive in long run. Hence, learners with B.Com degrees in their hands face little effort to start their careers. If one is looking ahead to pursue Distance B.Com Education in Ambala, we can be of great help as our specialists offer a free consultation with their rich experience.
B.Com degree is the most sought-after course because it promises a secured job perspective. No business organization can function smoothly without strong accounts employees.

Eligibility for Distance B.Com Education in Ambala

The eligibility criteria for Distance B.Com Education in Ambala differs from college to college. The common eligibility criteria that are followed by everyone is presented below:

  • The learner must pass the 10+2 Boards Examination
  • There percentage that a learner gets in their
  • Getting more than 55% secures a good college education.
  • Distance B.Com Education in Ambala does not need any age limit
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List of B.Com Specializations

During your 3 years of education in B.Com., you can take specializations. These specializations are the deciding parts for your future career. Information on them will help you make up your mind in progress.

Here is the B.Com. specializations:

  • B.Com. in Law
  • B.Com. in Accounts & Finance
  • B.Com. in Economics
  • B.Com. in Marketing
  • B.Com. in Tourism & Travel Management
  • B.Com. Honours
  • B.Com. in Banking & Insurance
  • B.Com. in Taxation
  • B.Com. in Humans Resources
  • B.Com. in Financial Management

These specializations open doors to great careers in the fields they are related to. This specialization also ensures graduates get good salaries and benefits. You can also think of doing expert degrees like Chartered Accountancy and Company Secretary. Many B.Com. alumni do these courses.

Reasons to Choose Distance Learning

The distance learning method is time-saving:

By studying Distance B.Com Education in Ambala, one can save a lot of time. As if you are studying in a traditional method then you are needed to follow the timings of the classes, you have to attend class on time no matter how busy or ill you are, you are supposed to be present in all classes and need to be mindful in that specific period otherwise you may lose your half of the lecture and not ready to comprehend some key information later, you have to get up early and make yourself ready to attend the institute that is also a very time taking procedure and consumes a lot of energy and time and lastly to be present there physically, you require to travel and traveling cost is a lot no matter if you are using your vehicle or public commute assistance.

It is way more relaxing:

Through Distance B.Com Education in Ambala plans and programs, one can easily design the schedule and study patterns by him/herself. In this way of education, one has way more free time and relaxation than the usual methods offer. You do not have to visit any place but can set the study place by yourself and by examining your comfort and preferences.

It can save you a lot of money:

Money-saving is one of the other advantages that can be entertained if you choose an online education method. How it can save you money? The reason is easy because you are not required to travel and be present at the place physically.

Also, apart from traveling costs, there are many other small things that you are required to spend money on if you are going to an institute regularly. As if you are asked to do lunch, print notes, take membership of the library and so many other things of such nature that no one thought already but is very costly and expected to be done daily.

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It is a more effective way of learning:

There is no doubt that Correspondence B.Com Education in Ambala is way more effective than the traditional one. Why is that so? Because it provides you with recorded lectures and assignments that one can attend to or work on at any time and can simply play them again if something has been missed. Also, there is no interference involved and one can complete the lecture with full attention.

Location is not a problem:

No matter where you are living, you can simply study the course at your place. Therefore instead of getting an admission to a full-time degree, one should opt for the Distance B.Com Education in Ambala method if institutes are not nearby.

Career or Jobs Opportunities after B.Com Degree

Before deciding to do Distance B.Com Education in Ambala, you have to know what jobs and careers become available to you. This will help you decide the subjects and specializations to take and further motivate you to do well in your course.

1. Accountants –
After specializing in accounting subjects, you can become an accountant and land a real job. Many firms are in regular need of good accountants and they also pay well.

2. Banker –
Many commerce candidates aim for banking jobs. These are some of the cushiest jobs that have great pay and benefits. Banking jobs also have many job security.

3. Office Administrators –
Office administrators are the ones in charge of managing an office. They have many significant roles and responsibilities. They are also in charge of managing the petty cash and the

4. Marketing Executives –
Owing to a B.Com. graduate’s knowledge of goods, services, finance, accounting, and marketing, they do well in the field of marketing. Marketing jobs also come with extra perks like sales commissions.

5. Insurance Brokers –
Insurance is one of the fastest-growing productions in the country. Many B.Com. candidates find stable careers in this industry. Insurance brokers have high gaining potential.

What are the new career options after B.com?

Chartered Accountant (CA)

A standout amongst the most generally recognized vocations that cross each business understudy’s psyche is CA. CA exams are directed by the Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAI) and help one to clear 3 Examinations over the timeframe are CPT, IPCC, and Final CA. Since you are completed with your graduation, you are qualified to straightforwardly show up for IPCC which involves two gatherings. After clearing one of the gatherings, an understudy is required to register for articles with encountered CA’s for a time of more than two years. In the wake of clearing both gatherings of IPCC and effectively ending your articles, you can show up for Final CA. Last CA again has two gatherings and in the wake of clearing both the parties, you can gladly append the words CA before your name.

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Certified Management Accountant (CMA)

On the off possibility that you have arrangements of going worldwide or working in the Top MNCs then going for universal accreditations is the correct decision for you. The CMA is given by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) in the USA and the substance is consistently explored by the Institute of Certified Management Accountants (ICMA). To wind up a CMA, an alternate is required to clear two examinations. CMA shows your expert skill in money-related arranging, investigation, control, choice backing, and expert morals – settling on you the preferred decision of the potential businesses.

Masters of Commerce (M.Com)

Done with the B.Com now next what? I am sure most of you said M.Com. It is very popular for learners to go for a Master’s degree in Commerce after completing B.Com. It is a two-year course and you can pursue it from any of the recognized institutes. M.Com is a course that focuses on the systematic study of Accounting, Business, Finance, Economics, Statistics, Taxation, Marketing, and Management, and therefore it gives penetrations into all the fields.

Masters of Business Administration (MBA in Finance)

There is dependably notable in the family who will encourage you to seek after MBA. A decent professional in MBA thoroughly rely upon the validity of the foundation that you are endeavoring after. If you are an IIM understudy then the performance will tail you to your doorsteps however doing MBA from a customary and very little eminent company will just add numbers to the rundown of unemployed MBAs. The consequences of your CAT exams decide the establishment where you can seek after the MBA course. It is a two-year program on the summit of which you can surely land a position in the budgetary administration area.

Why choose Distance B.Com Education in Ambala?

  • No need to attend regular sessions
  • Online Classes
  • No need to pay heavy fees
  • Self-hosted Audio and Video Player
  • Up-gradation in the profile
  • The student will study at home or anywhere while Working
  • Distance B.Com Education in Ambala offers systems Books and also based on textbooks sent by post or courier service.
  • 24* 7 Support

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